Saturday, February 4, 2012

Thor: Only the Strong! Red Vinyl - Self Proclaimed Worst Music Video Ever!

Wow.. before I even listened to this I was excited.  Since I was not familiar with this record, I checked out the video first and it is an absolute gem.

The description of the video is almost as good as the video itself.  

As touted by the music reviewers of the time, THOR's first album was one of the worst rock records ever made.

I too stake claim as the producer of this video that this is one of the WORST music videos ever made.

It was my first.

Yes, complete with cardboard swords, graffitti splattered castles and a midget (dwarf) in line with the classic icons like atom bombs and burnt video of the early years of MTV.


Yes, I know. But, at the time it seemed like a good idea.

What were we thinking?


This isn't the worst album I have ever heard. In fact, its actually an average power metal record that has begun to grow on me a bit!

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