Friday, September 23, 2011

Big Business: Head for the Shallow

ahh.. Big Business. They are that band that comes on random and I just have to pause it, go to the first track of the record, queue up the second record and listen to them both through. I think these guys are excellent and really put together some solid records from end to end. I have been tracking these on eBay and missed out on a couple of copies and was bidding on one that was getting a little high for me. Instead of putting in the next bid, I looked around to see if it was available elsewhere and it turns out the label Wantage is still selling them for $12 and free shipping! So, I ended up buying one for myself and 2 more for my friends who do not have them. Wantage seems like a really fun label. I chuckled a bit when I saw the label on the B side.

Dragonforce: Ultra Beatdown

I was purchasing a lot of records from a shop in the midwest and they so happened to have this record sealed for pretty cheap. Regardless of what genre this fits into or how cheesy this record is, I think its great! Maybe I'm not entirely proud to admit that, but its true ;)

Nothing too special about this one (except for the fact that it rocks).

I don't think its possible to listen to this without rocking out!

DragonForce - Through the Fire and Flames (HD Official Video) from DragonForce on Vimeo.

Immolation: Majesty and Decay (Mail Order Special Edition)

Finally, my first Immolation record. These have been on my wish list for a really long time, but Immolation records go for a bit too much money. I decided to suck it up a bit and get them, when I see them at fair prices.

This is Majesty and Decay on 180g vinyl, which is the limited mail order pressing, out of 500 from Nuclear Blast. A fantastic record and some great presentation on this one.

Wu Tang Clan Collection! Bobby Digital (Rza), Method Man, Redman, Ghostface

Slowly but surely, I have been working on the first and 2nd generation Wu Tang Records. From a couple of auctions, I was able to score a good 6 key pieces to this collection!

I picked up more than 6 in total, but these are the best of them

Rza as Bobby Digital
Ghostface Killah: Supreme Clientele
Method Man: Tical 2000: Judgment Day
Method Man and Redman: Blackout!
Chef Raekwon: Immobilarity
Cappadonna: The Pillage

This made a pretty big dent in the wish list!
If only I could find Gravediggaz: 6 Feet Deep for under $60!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Cold World & Sean Price: How the Gods Chill

Excellent song from Cold Wold collaborating with Sean Price. This is limited to 1000 copies and from what I read there were 200 in red and the rest were black. I asked the seller what color and he stated he didn't know, but got them as soon as they were releases. I was pretty surprised to see that its printed on an awesome marbled blue!

Comes complete with How the Gods Chill 3-d glasses!

Check out the track!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Weekend Nachos and Ensign!

2 interesting records from Easy Street. First is some old school hardcore...

Ensign: Direction of Things to Come from 1997

and.. Weekend Nachos: Punish and Destroy.

I took a gamble with this one. I have heard a lot about these guys and wasn't totally sold on what I had heard, but I thought it was worth a shot to pick this up used. Sadly... not very impressed.

More Manowar Records! 2 Closer to Having the Collection

Scored a couple of nice Manowar records on eBay, Into Glory Ride and All Men Play on 10!

Even though I've been collecting these for a bit, I still need around 7 more to complete the collection.