Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Decapitated: Organic Hallucinosis (Black Vinyl)

There was a temporary deal on one of the distro sites I visit for 45% off of a select list of vinyl.  I was able to score 5 records, all pretty cheap and this was one of them.  The Polish Death Metal masters; Decapitated. 2006 release on Earache and the last record to have Vitek and Martin before they died in the bus accident.

White Wizzard: High Speed G.T.O (Red Vinyl)

As part of the distro sale, I got this super cheap.  I actually had not heard it before and thought it would be worth a shot.  It is not the best album I've ever heard, but it is better than I expected. We had a good time listening to it and I can only imagine that it will sit on the shelf for the rest of it's life in my house. Hilarious video.. some horribly done 80's throwback.

Candlemass: King of the Grey Islands (Double Black Vinyl) in Numbered Sleeve

By far the best album that I picked up on the distro sale. This is my favorite Candlemass album and I did not own a copy of it.  This is printed on nice double black wax and housed in a thin, gatefold sleeve.  The sleeve is numbered on the back, but it does not say what the pressing is limited to.

Record Store Day 2013 - Side by Side - Dio & Killswitch Engage: Holy Diver (Red 7" Vinyl)

I am not a huge Killswitch Engage fan, esp with Howard Jones, but my buddy turned me on to their cover of Holy Diver and I absolutely love it.  This was my one and only request for RSD this year and I am stoked to have a copy of this on vinyl!

The video is classic as well and is a parody of the original with Dio playing the sword wielding knight. 

Crown of Thornz: Mentally Vexed (Orig Black Vinyl) NYHC

Classic NYHC here from, 1996; Crown of Thronz with Danny Diabalo (Lord Ezec). The cover is a take on an old cigar box logo. It was pretty iconic in it's age.  It looks like the guys dog who I bought this from took a chunk out of the top corner of the sleeve.  The record is fine and the sleeve is mostly intact, but I am sure it has a story behind it. 

Gojira: The Link (Red 180g Vinyl) Limited to 250 Copies

Finally, a copy of The Link!  Listenable records out of France printed this not too long ago and to get a copy shipped was around $60. I did this with From Mars to Sirius, but it took a long time to get and was very expensive for one copy. I was tracking them on eBay to see if I couldn't get a copy cheaper than from Listenable and after a couple of months, I was able to.  It is a new copy and on red vinyl.  This fills in the last gap I had for Gojira records. 

Ringworm: The Promise 2 Copies (Glow in the Dark Vinyl and Orange Marble Vinyl) Limited to 100 Copies

A389 announced that they were printing The Promise on 2 new colors and were limiting both of them to 100 copies each.  I have a copy on purple already, but could not turn these down. The glow in the dark copy came with a small book with a ton of photos of Ringworm from back in the day. 

This also came with a copy of the Ringworm/Mindsnare split.  The original came with a comic book cover and purple vinyl.  This copy is a flat cover and black vinyl.  It was free with the purchase of The Promise.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Iron Lung: Life. Iron. Lung. Death. (Transparent red vinyl)

Great score on eBay, I got this in what looks like new condition, pretty cheap.  On semi transparent red vinyl with a small, interesting insert. 

Meshuggah: Contradictions Collapse & None (Nuclear Blast repress on double orange vinyl)

Classic Meshuggah album repressed from Nuclear Blast on dual 180g yellow vinyl and limited to 350pcs. So stoked to see this on vinyl.  Just waiting for Chaosphere to be reprinted!   

3 Bar Ranch: Cattle Callin -- The origin of "Cattle Core" (Double gray vinyl)

This is one of the most bizarre finds, in a very long time.  This is Hank III, 3 Bar Ranch and the one and only record in the "cattle core" genre.  This entire record is blast beats and riffs over footage of cattle auctions. Absolutely hilarious. I cannot believe this made it onto double, color vinyl

All Pigs Must Die: God Is War (Black Vinyl)

The debut from the Converge side project, All Pigs Must Die on single black vinyl. 

Black Breath: Heavy Breathing (180g Black vinyl)

Heavy Breathing on Southern Lord records on limited 180g black vinyl. 

Integrity: Detonate VVorlds Plague (Black vinyl)

This is one of a couple Integrity records that I need to fill my collection. Detonate VVorlds Plague. This is on single black vinyl with the classic, hidden embossed Integrity logo.

Jucifer: L'Autrichienne (Double black vinyl)

Another great score from the distro clearance.  Jucifer on Alternative Tentacles. Excellent sludge with female vocals on double black vinyl and nice gatefold cover.  

Their wiki page says that the name Jucifer came from a quote from the O.J. Simpson trial.. "If he's guilty, then he's the devil and The Juice is Lucifer." 

All Pigs Must Die: God is War (Limited clear vinyl)

I picked up a handful of records that were on sale from a distro that I purchase from.  It filled in some gaps and I took a risk on a couple, just for fun.  This is All Pigs Must Die: God Is War. This band includes Ben Koller from Converge and is reminiscent of their sound, but still distinctly different.

Dropkick Murphy's: Signed and Sealed in Blood (Double red marble vinyl)

The newest Dropkick offering; Signed and Sealed in Blood on double red wax. 

Dropkick Murphy's: The Season's Upon Us (Christmas colored vinyl Red, White and Green)

A Dropkick Christmas 7"; The Season's Upon Us!  I couldn't turn down the color options.  Red, Green and White.. perfect for the holiday season.  Unfortunately, they didn't get delivered until mid January, but they will get some play next year. 

The Dillinger Escape Plan/Drowningman: Split - Recent Hydra Head Press without proper covers (Black vinyl)

Apparently Hydra Head found some leftover Dillinger/Drowningman vinyl and thought to print some bootleg covers and sell the remaining stock.  I was lucky to grab a copy before they sold out. 

Madball: Look My Way (Black vinyl)

One of the few Madball records that I am missing. This is an excellent copy of Look My Way from 1998 on Roadrunner Records.