Sunday, September 14, 2014

Moha!: Norwegianism - 2007 Rune Grammofon

I picked this up at Spin Cycle in Capitol Hill and I was in a rush. When I first looked at it, I thought it was a different album than it actually is.  So, once I got to the bar, I realized that I had some completely unknown album which was actually more intriguing than what I assumed it was.

When I got it home, I put it on sight unseen...or sound unheard and with no background on it whatsoever. It's a 2008 release on a label I have never heard of, with blank labels and no leading info on any of the labels.  No inserts or lyric sheet either.

Surprisingly, these guys are actually an experimental noise/jazz/metal duo out of Norway. It is abrasive and hard to listen to, but really unique and well done. All in all, it was a mistake turned adventure that ended well.  

Black Tusk: Set the Dial - 2011 Relapse on Yellow Marble Vinyl

A solid release from these guys that I haven't had in my collection.  Part of the Savannah crew, they had John Baizley produce the artwork and I think it is excellent. I love a lot of his cover art and this one, in particular is interesting. The floating radio tubes adds an interesting element to his regular art and ties in the Set The Dial theme a bit. This is printed on really nice yellow/orange marble vinyl which ties together the presentation well.

In Defence: Don't Know How to Breakdance - 2007 Profane Existence - Purple Marble Swirl Vinyl

Another interesting find in NOLA.. This is the first full-length album from In Defence.  Metal Archives states that their lyrical themes are... Punks, Tacos, Politics and Moshing, if that gives you an idea of what this sounds like.  It's pretty good heavy, new school thrash. The artwork is throwback and the vinyl itself is gorgeous.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

It Came From Alabama: Compilation on EyeSore Records

I was recently record shopping in New Orleans and came across this local, Alabama compilation. With artists such at the Piss Shivers and Mouse Teeth, how can you turn it down?  Curiosity got the best of me and this is now in my collection.  14 bands that I had never heard of before and will likely never hear again.  Maybe not the best acquisition of my life...but, an interesting and entertaining 45 minutes of listening time. 

All Pigs Must Die: Nothing Violates This Nature - 2013 Southern Lord

Another great release by these guys.  Recorded and mixed by Kurt Ballou (Converge) and it sounds amazing. He has an amazing knack with bands like this, to get a tone and expression that is pretty uniquely his own.  This is really straight forward, technical hardcore mixed with thrash metal. 

Printed on heavy weight black vinyl that is pretty typical of Southern Lord releases.

Scatterbrain: Here Comes Trouble 1990 Virgin Records (Don't Call Me Dude)

This is one of those must-have records for nostalgia.  I got lucky and found a used copy at a record shop in Capitol Hill for $6 or so.  Here's the video for Don't Call Me Dude... enough said.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

The Vandals: When in Rome Do As The Vandals Do - 1984 National Trust Records

Another lucky score from the thrift store!  Original press of The Vandals: When in Rome... Classic Cali punk from 1984.  They have a fantastic cover of Hocus Pocus by Focus on here..complete with attempted yodeling.

The Plasmatics: Metal Priestess - 1981 Stiff Records

Somehow I found this at the thrift store for $1.  The Plasmatics from 1981 with Wendy O in all her glory. One funny note.. the album cover that is on the video below was banned and replaced with the cover in the photos under the video.  I have no idea what makes one more offensive than the other. 

Discharge: Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing - Black Repress

This is a classic hardcore punk album from the British band Discharge, originally released in 1982. This is a current repress and has already gotten a fair amount of time on the turntable. Protest and Survive is my favorite track on the album and I grew up with the Anthrax cover of it that was on Attack of the Killer B's album.


Dead End Path: Seance & Other Songs White/Gold Splatter on BBB Records

A highly anticipated release from Dead End Path. Just some solid, contemporary hardcore which is very well done.  Put out by BBB records again and printed on interesting vinyl.  I was hoping for something a bit better looking as White/Gold splatter sounded intense, but the coloring is very vague and almost looks solid white at first glance.  The last record on BBB was printed on Blue/Pink cotton candy color and is amazing looking.

Mushmouth/Fury of Five: East Coast Tsunami Fest Transparent Blue 7"

Two classic, old school hardcore bands which performed at this fest.  I have a soft spot for these bands, but I do think they are both pretty terrible.  This performance and recording does not really highlight their strengths either.  However, it is a Mushmouth/Fury of Five split and both of them have become classics in their own right. This record will live happily in my record collection for a long time to come.

The Sword: Warp Riders 2010 Black Vinyl

I've been getting into The Sword over the last couple of years and picked this up during a trip to New Orleans.  This is their 2010 release on Kemado records.  This is a very interesting doomy Sci-Fi concept album with songs such as The Cronomancer II: Nemesis.