Wednesday, January 12, 2011

2010 Wrap-up

So, in January 2010 I thought it would be interesting to start a blog tracking the records that I acquire. To be honest, I never really thought I would get 150 something posts up in the course of a year. I wasn't even sure if the blog would still be active after a while.

I must say that I am proud that I have been able to maintain it as well as I have and I hope to continue in 2011.

So, in total, the blog tracked the purchase of 293 records! It seems like such a daunting number, but to put it in perspective, I sold a total of 454 records on eBay. The records on the blog are all in my collection, but a lot of the money from the records sold on eBay went towards these.

It still does not look like a ton to me, but I guess since I sold so much stuff and chose all of these so deliberately, it is a lot.

Some of the more interesting collections that I have are...

Minor Threat: Self Titled
I got a bit obsessed over this record and have all of the consumer presses that I know exist.

A couple of these are Sub Pop represses, a couple from Kreation and one that I purchased in Ireland.

These are so varied, some I have had since I was young, some are represses. These are all of my favorite records from Metallica and I am very excited to have them all!

I think they have some of the best looking records and I was fortunate enough to pick up a few more this year.

High on Fire
3 of these are the recent Relapse represses, but I have been looking for them for a while and am excited that the represses are so nice.

Dillinger Escape Plan
I was able to get all 6 of these this year. As of last year, I had 0. 2 of these I got locally, 2 in Portland, 1 online and 1 as a gift!

This is probably the collection that I am most excited about. Somehow I was able to find one locally, I bought 2 online and one at Wacken! This is all of the full lengths that I want. The only thing that I could ask for is an original of None So Vile

I was able to get a couple of replacements for the warped records that are signed by Kerry King and I was able to get Seasons in the Abyss and Divine Intervention. There are still a couple more to pick up, but these are all of the essentials!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Records for Christmas!! Slayer/Arkham/Dillinger

Who would have thought to get me records for Christmas???

I have to say that these were quite a surprise! My sister contacted a mutual friend, Doug who I bought some records from over the summer and asked which record he had in his collection that I would want the most... and then bought it for me! The sweetest idea ever!

Also, Doug gave me a copy of a 7" Born With Scars from his old band Arkham!

Both of these were complete surprises and ones that I am totally excited about. Along with these, Doug sent over a handful of old VHS tapes that we have been talking about getting converted to DVD. These are old school metal and hardcore shows from and through the 80s and 90s. I have not seen them and am very excited to work through the stack.

Another great Christmas present is Dillinger Escape Plan: Under the Running Boards from my girlfriend. Great, first pressing of this record and another check off of the wishlist!!!
Merry Christmas.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Some Unique Hardcore Records from Easy Street

It's so rare to find any hardcore records in Seattle. These must have come from the same person as they are all mainly late 90s, Straight Edge. I only picked up a couple from the collection, but they are very interesting.

Follow Through: Taking It Back on East Coast Empire/Smorgasbord records. This is some really cool East Coast hardcore from Waterbury CT, printed in 1997. The music is pretty cool, very typical of the scene at the time.... exciting to find this in Seattle, for sure!

Over My Dead Body: Rusty Medals and Broken Badges. This one I didn't know much about before getting it. It's straight edge from San Diego on Indecision records from 2001. It's a very good record overall and again rather surprising to find locally.

The last hardcore record that I picked up is Betrayed: Substance. From 2006 on Equal Vision records this was a very surprising release. It is a solid record all the way through and is unique in a way that most hardcore was not in 2006. Positive, straight forward and very enjoyable.

This was on my list for a while now and I am glad to find it local, used.

Dwarves: Blood, Guts and Pussy!!! You have to love Dwarves, they are just classic. I have this 7", with artwork from the same classic photo shoot.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Few Assorted Hardcore Records 25 ta Life/ Pezz / Attitude

I am the eternal 25 ta Life fan.. for better or for worse (usually the latter).

I have most of the 12" that I am looking for and a good portion of the 7"s..

Friendship, Loyalty, Commitment is one of the hardcore classics no matter how you look at it. I have a copy on black and this blue one showed up on eBay and was ending without any bids. I put a bid in totally not expecting to win it and I got it as the one and only bidder.

Since I was purchasing from this seller, I figured I would try and pick up some other records and save on shipping.

Most of his stuff was ending very cheap, so I took a stab and got 2 records that I was not familiar with.

Pezz: One Last Look. Not a fan.. but tolerable.

and Attitude: We All Go Down Together. This one is a lot better. Printed on pink splatter vinyl and packaged with a big poster, this is a nice presentation. New school hardcore that is interesting enough.

Trip to Portland! Gehenna/Dillinger Escape Plan/H2O/Shelter/In Cold Blood

A quick trip to Portland for Christmas and one stop at 2nd Ave yields 5 records. These are all pretty scattered in style and all good finds for me.

First, I got Dillinger Escape Plan: Ire Works. The price tag on this shows that it was added to their inventory back in early 2007 and it was still sealed. I am assuming that it was in storage somewhere in a back room! This is a pretty hard to find record and to find it sealed for the price it was new... that's just lucky! This was printed in gray and red and limited to 3000.

Shelter: When 20 Summers Pass. This is a pretty good record from the era. Late 90s Krishna hardcore. Its not my favorite, by any stretch, but I do appreciate it for what it is. Add the fact that it was in the discount bin....... mine

Along the same lines, I found a copy of H2O: Faster Than The World. Now, I am not a fan of picture discs, but I love this record and it was in the discount bin as well. Seems like such a shame to let it sit there.

2 records from A389 round out this trip.. Gehenna: The War of the Sons of Light and the Suns of Darkness. This has been on my radar for a little while now and its good to see it in the store. Great price and amazing packaging on this! I love what A389 does with some of their pressings.

Lastly, In Cold Blood: Suicide King. This is a lot of older material and some shitty sounding live stuff. A few really good tracks and a nice poster...