Sunday, February 5, 2012

Lady Gaga: Born this Way Dual 180g 12"

Along with a "Vinyl Junkie" t shirt, my sister got me this record.  Apparently, she really likes Lady Gaga and thought it would be a great gift for me. Now.. I have this rule that no matter what, I have to listen through the records that I get.  The only exception is if I get them from the thrift store out of mere curiosity and they are miserable, then I only have to listen to half.

So.... 4 full sides of Lady Gaga on Christmas evening.  Just sitting on the floor and putting together some toys while listening to side.. after side... after side.. of Lady Gaga.  I swear I could have been sitting on the floor on Christmas night in 1984 listening to the new Madonna: Like a Virgin record.. but with less talent and just.. worse.   I cant really pinpoint a favorite or least favorite track on this because it all kinda blurred together.  Not horrible or good, but nothing terribly unique.

To my lovely sister Angela.. Thank you and I will cherish this forever..... :)

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