Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Death Grips: The Money Store RSD 2012 with stickers

This was one of the most anticipated releases for me on RSD this year. The debut record Exmiliary from Death Grips is one of the most exciting things that I have heard in a very long time. It can be labeled as experimental hip hop along with a million other categories of descriptors. In most reviews, there has been a reference to disturbing or uncomfortable.. overall just unique and pushing many, many boundaries.  The Money Store is released on Epic records, which seems like quite the gamble for them as these guys are definitely not the most palatable band around.

This is another excellent release from Death Grips, somehow they still retain their unique sound that is still shocking. If you haven't spent time listening to them, give it a shot.

Merauder: Master Killer Deathwish Repress Test Pressing

One of the last pieces in what came to be a completionist saga with this record.  Shortly after I received the original pressing of this and the 2nd press from Dead Serious, Deathwish posted this on eBay and I won it for a fair price.  It is the test press of the latest pressing and is limited to 25 copies. 

Them Crooked Vultures: Self Titled 2 x 12" LP

I picked this up on RSD, but it was actually a used copy.  I really took a liking to this record and I didn't think that I would originally. The all star lineup consists of John Paul Jones from Led Zeppelin, Dave Grohl from Foo Fighters and Josh Homme from Queens of the Stone Age. A great combination which resulted in some pop hard rock, which is rather unique and well written, in my opinion. 

Botch: An Anthology of Dead Ends RSD 2012 (Red Vinyl)

This is the first pressing of a compilation of Botch material.  Released by Hydra Head on heavy vinyl cut at 45rpm. All very heavy stock on the cover and insert and printed on 3 different vinyl colors.  Currently all 3 colors are sold out through Hydra Head already!


From Hydra Head
The final will and testament of Seattle's best boy band ever, released just in time for the 10th anniversary of their final show.  A collection so vital its grown 2 inches in 10 years.
180g vinyl on multiple colors.  Full color old-school style tip-on single LP jacket, with heavyweight full color innersleeve.

Track Listing:
  1. Spaim
  2. Japam
  3. Framce
  4. Vietmam
  5. Afghamistam
  6. Micaragua

Mastodon/Feist = Feistodon Split 7" RSD 2012 Exclusive

Another interesting RSD release.  This is Mastodon covering Feist and vise versa. This was one of two different 7" from Mastodon, the other with the Flaming Lips, which was sold out by time I got to the record store (30min after it opened!)

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Metallica: Beyond Magnetic RSD 2012 (Transparent Silver Vinyl)

This is the first pressing on transparent silver vinyl of Beyond Magnetic.  These are some leftover tracks from Death Magnetic. I really do enjoy Death Magnetic and enjoy these tracks quite a lot as well.  Great vinyl color, almost transparent and it comes with an exclusive sticker as well. States that it is limited, but it is one of 5000 copies, which is quite a lot for an EP release like this.

Refused: The Shape of Punk to Come RSD 2012 (Double Red Vinyl) with Poster, CD and Live DVD

Deluxe packaging of The Shape of Punk to Come! This comes on double red vinyl, comes along with a live DVD, full CD of the material and a poster with a shot from the New Noise video. 

Similar to the black copy of the repress, but that did not come with the CD or poster.