Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sunn O))): Monoliths & Dimensions

One of the best packaging jobs from Southern Lord or from any other label that I have ever seen. Southern Lord does some amazing things with their releases, but this in particular is exceptional.

It is a dual 180g vinyl release in super heavy cardboard (tip on) gatefold sleeve with heavy vinyl sleeves, 2 page insert and screen printed vellum book cover.

The vellum goes over the outside of the gatefold packaging and since it is semi-transparent it shows the cover through the back. An amazing amount of thought went into this.

I am happy to have scored this in mint condition used, locally.

Carcass: Heartwork! Mosh97 1993

Finally! I have been tracking copies of this for a long time and I finally got it along with Ressurection, Morbid Angel and Death from the same seller in Spain! It was so exciting to get this box of records! Excellent condition and original press of this death metal classic!

Death: Human R/C Records German Press

Another one of my favorite records from this era. This is the only Death record that I am looking for that has not been repressed. This is an original German press in excellent condition.

Morbid Angel: Blessed are the Sick Original Earache Pressing

This is a great find for me.. Again, from the seller in Spain. In excellent condition. The only other Morbid Angel record I need is Covenant. This is original press. It has just been repressed onto a nice gatefold and color vinyl, but this one is preferable for me.

Resurrection: Embalmed Existence on Clear Vinyl

Original press on Nuclear Blast. This is an amazing Death Metal release from 1993. I found a seller in Spain who had 4 releases that I have been looking for. We worked out a deal that worked out well for me.

Saxon: Denim and Leather

:D Why not? I think Saxon is pretty good and I was looking around for some Manowar records and thought I would pick this bad boy up.

Chicago's Lost Cause: Self Titled

This is some hardcore from the late 80's from Lost Cause. I was purchasing some records from a seller on eBay and this one was ending as well with no bids and I thought to pick it up. I was excited to listened to it when I got it and its pretty horrible.. I mean.. really not good at all.

But, here it is nonetheless.

Manowar: Fighting the World

Another step in my quest to complete my Manowar full length collection! This one is a bit beat up, but such an amazing record!

Mercyl Fate: Don't Break the Oath & Melissa

Original Combat pressing! These are absolute classic Mercyful Fate records. I got them from 2 different sellers on eBay when I was purchasing other records. They are both in great shape and all original.

Agnostic Front: Cause for Alarm! Original Combat Core + 2

I have been getting all the AF records little by little and I found a guy on eBay who was selling off a pretty big collection. I was able to score a handful of records, including this one.

He also had a copy of Victim in Pain and Liberty & Justice For.., I have each of these, but they were pretty cheap and I figured I could pick the best out of the 2 and sell the others.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Champion: Come out Swinging Seattle SxE!

Great release by these guys. I am a fan of Champion and Sinking Ships. A great addition to the limited Straight Edge collection I have.

Dying Fetus: Killing on Adrenaline on 4th of July Splatter Vinyl!

Very hard to find Killing on Adrenaline from Night of the Vinyl Dead. Limited to 500 copies, all hand numbered and on awesome red, white and blue splatter vinyl.

Just in time for our nations birthday!