Saturday, February 11, 2012

Budgie: Never Turn Your Back on a Friend

I pulled this one out of a huge stack of LPs at the thrift store!  Most of the time they are well sorted through and in rather poor shape.  This time I got lucky and had first dibbs on a fresh stack. It was mainly good classic rock, but most of the LPs were very worn and not worth picking up.  I am pretty certain this was from the same owner, but maybe he just didn't like the record because it is in excellent shape! 

Most of the tracks on this record are amazing. The opening song is Breadfan and it's follows up by the blues classic Baby Please Don't Go.  I have heard so many variations of this song over time and this one is excellent! 

Breadfan is such a heavy song for 1972. It set a lot of good things in motion and a huge influence for many bands now. 

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