Saturday, February 18, 2012

A389 Order #1- Doomriders: Black Thunder (Purple Splatter), Mother of Mercy III (Red and Black Split)

A389 had a sale on their titles as well as their distro titles and I was able to pick up a good lot of assorted records. A389 has been the place to go for new, heavy hardcore and holy terror type stuff.

Doomriders: Black Thunder
Excellent record printed on awesome purple swirl vinyl. Absolutely excellent presentation.  I always love when the coloring of the vinyl matches the cover artwork.

Another great score is the debut album III by Mother of Mercy. Apparently the artwork on here was done my E from Watain and the title is influenced by Samhain. Whats funny about this record is that it sound neither like Danzig or Black Metal.  Great looking vinyl and artwork on this. 

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