Sunday, August 3, 2014

Backtrack: Lost in Life on Transparent Neon Green w Green Swirl Vinyl

Some good, new school NYHC on Bridge 9 records.  This is a really interesting looking vinyl pressing.  The pictures do not do it justice, but the green on green swirl pattern is really cool.  I will bet this thing will glow nuclear in the proper light.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Incendiary: Cost of Living on Smooth Red, Unrestrained Split on Clear Beige and Xibalba Split on Smooth Beige Splatter

Incendiary has become one of my favorite bands in the last couple of years.  They have the energy of second generation, Long Island hardcore, but with a ton of other influences that make them a bit more diverse than most new hardcore bands.  Long Island hardcore has always had the heavy, foot stomping, mosh inducing breakdowns, but in my opinion, what differentiated Long Island hardcore was the groove element that was introduced with bands like Life of Agony.  It created a more raw sense of energy that was much less redundant than the what-became-typical verse..buildup...breakdown..verse.  The groove element redefined the hardcore sound while keeping all the known and comfortable elements.  

I tend to be hesitant to hear new NYHC bands.. esp Long Island hardcore bands, but I think Incendiary really stands at the forefront by honoring the traditional sound we all know, but adding a new energy and youth that has been missing for quite a while and that I feared would not return.  

Cost of Living is their 2nd full length release. Released in 2013 on Closed Casket Activities and this copy is printed on a really interesting smooth, saturated red color.  Simple packaging and cut at 45rpm.. this album gets considerable time on my deck. 

Next, is a split on Trip Machine records with Unrestrained.  Incendiary sounds like shit on this and the recording quality makes it really hard to listen to.  Limited to 91 copies, this is printed on a transparent beige..swirlish color. 

Finally... the split of all splits. Two of my favorite bands.. Incendiary and Xibalba.  Fantastic release on Closed Casket as well and printed on a smooth, saturated beige..marble vinyl. 

Gaytheist: Hold Me..But Not So Tight on Pink/White Splatter and Stealth Beats on Black Vinyl

Gaytheist opened for Big Business at the Croc last year and were very notable. The singer plays guitar as well and was dressed in slacks, with suspenders and a bow tie.  He came across as a very odd nerd/school teacher/perv.. super odd, but not unexpected for a Portland band.  They played some good, hilarious metal.

I picked up Hold Me.. But Not So Tight from them, at the Croc.  It is a pretty sarcastic and funny presentation.  The cover is what looks like 2 iguanas making out...or something. The back has a sweet drawing of a battleship names USS Get In Here, which has a bunch of cocks firing into the sky. If that's not enough.. they printed this on white vinyl with pink splatter.  I think it's an interesting color combination and fits their personality pretty well. 

Just the other day I found a copy of their other release, Stealth Beats at Silver Platters.  Presentation on this one is not as cool as Hold Me... but it still conveys their humor.  Inside, on the sleeve there is a Gaytheist condom self-fitting tool.  

Big Business: Battlefields Forever on Clear Vinyl 2013 Gold Metal Records

Who doesn't love Big Business?  I got a chance to see them at the Vera Project not too long ago and picked up this record.  Everything about it is just ugly and cheesy funny.  Just take a look at the album artwork.  For a band that does not seem to take themselves too seriously, they write some fantastic music. This album has been on constant rotation since it's release last year.  My choice track, without a doubt is Lonely Lyle. 

Makes a nice addition to my existing Big Business 12"

Gallows: Chains/Wristslitter 7" on Smoke Gray Vinyl

Gallows new single Chains was just released on a pretty cool looking gray, smoke vinyl.  The cover is a gnarly photo of a guy with tattoo of a noose around the back of his neck.  The song is excellent and the video compliment is exactly what you would expect from Gallows... dark, disturbing and really well done.