Sunday, February 5, 2012

Classic Straight Edge 7" Floorpunch, Wide Awake and Gorilla Biscuits

Continuing with the Straight Edge records, here are 3 more gems! 

First, Floorpunch: Division One Champs from 1996.  Classic NJ hardcore here on In My Blood records!  First press on black out of 900 copies! 

Next, is Wide Awake: Self Titled on Schism records.  This is an original press of Schism #4. CT Hardcore from 1988.  There are several variants of this record and the first set of labels were printed on white and subsequent on red/orange.

Lastly, one of the most well respected records from the Revelation catalog.  Gorilla Biscuits on rev4.
First pressing of this beast go for quite some money.  I've seen copies sell for up to $1000. This version is the 5th and current version.   

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