Sunday, November 7, 2010

Trapped Under Ice: Secrets of the World 2nd Press

When I purchased the Terror record from Reaper, I picked this up. I have been waiting to get it for a while and the 2nd press is so much better looking than the first and they had it in stock at Reaper.

This is printed on a matte, gatefold cover with great artwork.

The vinyl is transparent with black splatter and it matches the cover well, much better than the 1st press.

Terror: Keepers of the Faith 1st Press/Blue

The new Terror record on Reaper records. This is the first press on limited blue vinyl.

I got this straight from Reaper to fill out my Terror collection. Its a good record overall and I think that Terror succeeded in creating a new branch of hardcore.

They have always remained consistent and its great to see that they are still pushing the bar.

That makes it 4 out of 5 12" from Terror, just missing The Damned, The Shamed.

Metallica: Master of Puppets Audiophile edition

Finally! When I was putting together a blog post for the Metallica records, I somehow missed this one. I had just assumed that I had a copy of Master of Puppets, but apparently not.

This is a great copy as its on 2 12" and is cut at 45rpm. It sounds a bit better than the original version. The only thing is that there are only 2 songs per side, so its a bit cumbersome to listen to!

This.... now, actually rounds out the collection!!

Bane: The Note -- Pink and Black Swirl

This was one of the first Straight Edge records that I ever really got into. At least of this generation. It taught me a lot about that scene and it just felt like a necessity to pick up. I am not sure how much I will really listen to it, but its a great record for what it is.

This copy, is really interesting looking. It is something of a dark pink mixed into the black. Each side has a distinctly different pattern.

Lovely presentation in my opinion.