Sunday, February 28, 2010

Skarhead: Kings at Crime

I have been looking for this for a while now. Each time it comes up, it sells for quite a bit of money.

I am not a stickler for having the most rare pressings, I am more interested in having a copy of the music. If I score a nice pressing, it is a bonus.

This copy is on black wax, from a seller in Canada. I have probably bid on 6-8 copies of this over time.

1998 Victory Records

25 ta Life: Strength Through Unity

Rick strikes again!! Here is the classic 25 ta life release Strength Through Unity on Good Life Recordings from 1997 on nice green wax!

Shutdown: Few and Far Between - Brooklyn Hardcore!

This is the 2nd release from Shutdown, out of Brooklyn.

Few and Far Between on Victory records from 2000 on blue wax.

I scored this on eBay along with the 25 ta Life record.

Now.. Back to the hardcore! Agnostic Front: Riot Riot Upstart

Classic AF release on Epitaph records 1999.

High on Fire: The Art of Self Defense

This is on Tee Pee records 2001. One of my favorite stoner metal albums.

Comes with a bonus 7"

Eagle Twin: The Unkindness of Crows

This is a new Southern Lord release. It is some great drone metal with throat singing. Extremely well done.

In my eyes, Southern Lord does some of the best vinyl presentation around.

This is dual heavy 12" in a thick gatefold sleeve. Each record is orange with black streaks.

Everything about this release is extremely high quality.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Life of Agony: River Runs Red

One of my favorite records of all time and the only LOA release I listen to!

Classic hardcore from 1993.

This is a 180 gram repress on Roadrunner/Cargo records.

Monday, February 8, 2010

25 ta Life and 2 Meltdown 7" from eBay

I am a fan of old school 25 ta Life. Take it or leave it, Rick has been a consistent influence in the scene since the early 90s. He may not be the best vocalist and may be crazy as a bag of nuts.. but, I respect his positive influence in the scene.

Here is a copy of 25 ta Life: Short Fuse/ Burned by the Flames and Can't Believe/ Inside Knowledge. This comes with a lyric and photo insert and a little distro sheet selling another 7". A great addition to the 25 ta life pieces I have..
"Striving for Togetherness"

I also picked up 2 from Meltdown. These are Demolition on pink and green vinyl and a tour release with Cashing In/Bad Blood and Thin Ice/ Your Destruction on yellow vinyl.

Dillinger Escape Plan 7"

Great release from Dillinger Escape Plan here.

This is Dillinger Escape Plan: Jim Fear/Destro's Secret and Sandbox Magician/The Mullet Burden on Relapse from 2003.

Random 7" - Dwarves & Down to Nothing

I picked up a couple of 7" from Singles.

Here is Dwarves: Salt Lake City/Go and Kaotica release on Greedy records 2004

And... Down to Nothing: Higher Learning/Alright Already on Revelation records (Rev140) blue vinyl 2006.

A few good finds from Singles Going Steady

Every once in a while I score here. This time, I was parked in a 3 minute load zone and thought I would just run in for a minute. It seems that these are the times where there is a lot of stuff to look through.

I was browsing, all the while poking my head out of the front door to make sure there were no meter maids or tow trucks.

The stress was well worth it. I got 3 good pieces and they are good pressings as well.

First H2O: Go on green vinyl. This is on MCA from 2001.

Next is Have Heart: Songs to Scream at the Sun on blue vinyl.

This was released on Bridge 9 records in 2008 Limited to: 1395

Last, is Guns Up! : Outlive. I have been looking for this at a reasonable price for a while now. This was released on 1917 records in 2006 and I scored the 2nd press on transparent maroon out of 500.

Fucked Up: Hidden World

This is a great release by these guys.

Double LP on Jade Tree/Derangesd records.

Everything about this is great.

I was surprised to find this used.

3 new ones from Sonic Boom! Earth & Norma Jean

So, I have been working on getting some Earth records. I have been lucky as the local stores have been selling some Sub Pop represses cheap! It's been easy to cross some off the list.

I just picked up Earth 2 in Ireland and it was close to 20 Euros. These cost me almost half as much, for both.

Here I have Earth: Extra - Capsular Extraction and Pentastar: In the Style of Demons. Both are on Sup Pop and sealed.

I also picked up a copy of Norma Jean: vs The Anti-Mother. I am not a big fan of the band, but it is very nice looking packaging and vinyl.

The vinyl is black and white split. I will listen through and give it a fair chance!

Isis.. Wavering Radiant

Again, Isis hit the nail on the head with Wavering Radiant.

This release is as beautiful as it gets, the artwork is amazing, the packaging is unique and extremely well done.

Apparently, the first press on Ipecac comes in 3 different colors.

Light Blue 100 copies
Dark Blue 400 copies
Yellow 900 copies

I purchased this on eBay sealed, not knowing what the pressing is.

It turns out to be the Yellow/White pressing and it absolutely stunning.

Behold...The Arctopus

When at NYU, I became friends with Colin Marston and exposed to his band Behold...The Arctopus. Originally, I heard a mini-CD that he released with just a few tracks and it blew my mind.

This is some of the more intense and technical metal around. Colin is a very dedicated and focused musician. Also, he is the master on the Warr guitar.

Here is a copy of Nano-Nucleonic Cyborg Summoning from 2004.

Now, this is pressed on white vinyl with the cover image screen-printed directly onto the wax.

A beautiful record! Great job Colin!

Biohazard: Urban Discipline Finally!

Growing up, Biohazard was a huge influence on me. I have seen them countless times throughout their career.

Urban Discipline was my favorite record for a long time. This was one that resonated with my growing up and really spoke to some common struggle.

Finding this on vinyl in the US, has been pretty tricky. I found many pressings from Holland and a few others, but the US ones were always hard to find and expensive.

This here is a pressing from 1998 on Roadrunner. It is a deluxe, 2LP set with a gatefold cover.

Records like this, I am usually picky about having the original pressing, but this is an exception as it deserves the extra packaging and vinyl and still keeps the original art and liners.

Cold World: No Omega (Clear Vinyl)

I am a big fan of Cold World and I scored a nice copy of No Omega on clear vinyl from eBay.

This is a great release with some new tracks and stuff from their original 7".

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Another Craigslist Lot!

So, I found a guy on CL who had a huge lot of records that he bought from a storage unit that was being foreclosed on. He has a ton of metal/punk/hardcore and all other assorted genres.

The prices were fair for some stuff and a bit high on some others, so I picked up some pieces and left some good ones there, knowing I can get them at a better price in the future!

Following with the Band Brains trend.. I got 2 more copies of Pay to Cum.

These are from 1990 on Caroline Records. I got one copy on green and another on yellow!
I really like these.

Next, I got a copy of a Dwarves 7" from 1990 on Sub Pop.

This has Drug Store/Detention Girl and Astro Boy/Motherfucker.

I love the cover on this 7"

Next, is Poison Idea - Darby Crash Rides Again! on American Leather Records 1989

Here is a classic 7" from Flipper - Sex Bomb/Brainwash on red vinyl. This is from 1981 on Subterranean records. Comes with what looks like a homemade fish skeleton sticker.

On to the 12" records.

This here is a very, very interesting record. It is called Experiments in Destiny and it is a 2 record set on BOMP! records from 1980. This is a compilation with tons of bands on it including the bands below.

a1 Stiv Bators - A Million Miles Away 4:26
a2 Real Kids, The - Now You Know 3:54
a3 Dadistics, The - Modern Girls 3:10
a4 Blake Xolton & The Martians - Merry Christmas 2:44
a5 Jimmy Lewis & The Checkers - Think 3:02
a6 Nuns, The - Wild 2:00
a7 Gary Charlson - Burnin' In You

b1 Rodney & The Brunettes - Little G.T.O 2:37
b2 "B" Girls, The - Fun At The Beach 1:54
b3 MnM's, The - I'm Tired 1:50
b4 Paul Collins - Walking Out On Love 1:33
b5 Nikki & The Corvettes - Just What I Need 2:45
b6 Kathy & The Lawnmowers - Green Children 2:23
b7 Prof. Anonymous - Somebody Touched Me 2:54
C1 Sonics, The - Up To The Junction 3:48
C2 Weirdos, The - Jungle Rock 3:13
C3 Zantees, The - Cruisin' 2:30
C4 Jon & The Nightriders - Super Jet Rumble 2:28
C5 Lipstick Killers, The - Hindu Gods (Of Love) 3:19
C6 Hypstrz, The - In The Midnight Hour 1:49
C7 Last, The - She Don't Know Why I'm Here 3:19
C8 Dead Boys, The - 3rd Generation Nation 2:33
D1 Crawdaddys, The - There She Goes Again 3:01
D2 Martians, The - Baby Hold On 3:22
D3 Pete Holly & The Looks - Look Out Below 1:58
D4 Wombats , The (2) - Utter Frustration 3:23
D5 Rainbow Red Oxidizer - When You Walk In The Room 2:20
D6 Cheek - Do You Have A Soul? 3:39
D7 Romantics, The - Running Away 2:59

This has been sealed since 1980 and is excellent looking!!

Here is a 1980 pressing of Holiday in Cambodia from the Dead Kennedys.

Another pressing of Minor Threat - Minor Threat.

I have a copy with the green cover and just could not pass up another.

Black Sabbath - Born Again on Warner Bros 1983

Destruction - Release from Agony on Profile records 1988

Lastly, this is a record that I have never seen before and have not been able to find much information about. It is called Total Destruction. It was pressed in 1984 on Metal Blade Records.

Bitch, Slayer, Obsession, Savage Grace, Pandemonium, Warlord, Trouble, Witchkiller and Demon Flight.
The Bitch and Slayer songs are different mixes than the album versions.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Bad Brains - Pay to Cum 7"

I got a nice copy of Pay to Cum.

This is a 1980 press on Limp Brain Records.

A great looking 7" with a 4 page stapled insert.

Limited #305 out of 500!