Friday, November 28, 2014

Youth of Today: Can't Close My Eyes E.P. - Original Press Positive Force #4 1985

Another great addition here; the Youth of Today: Can't Close My Eyes EP.  Original first press on Positive Force records from back in 1985.  Seminal straight-edge, youth crew release.  Can't Close My Eyes is likely one of the most influential SEHC releases in history.  I am very lucky to have an original press in my collection now.

Youth of Today
Can't Close My Eyes : 7"
Positive Force 4 1985
Red lettering on sleeve, black and white labels, paper
1st press : black vinyl
insert. A number of the 1st press came with a sticker.

Sick of It All: Self Titled - Original Black Vinyl on Revelation Records Rev:3 with Inserts and Numbered Sleeve

This is a major addition to the collection.  It's the kind of record I pick up whenever I find it and I have a few copies of this, but this is my first original press.  This is the original Revelation release with red labels with black stars and hand numbered inner sleeves.  Absolutely classic, old school NYHC from 1987.... 10 seminal tracks jammed onto this 7"

The Mob: Step Forward - Original Mob Style Records 1983 on Transparent Red Vinyl NYHC

Another record from a local trade that I made.  The Mob: Step Forward; old school NYHC which is self released. Original red vinyl pressing with some absolutely terrible artwork on the sleeve and labels.   

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Warzone: Lower East Side Crew E.P. - Original REV:1 Pressing w Blue Labels & Insert THE HOLY GRAIL!

One of the most amazing finds, to date!  I met someone from West Seattle and after a bit, we got started talking about vinyl and apparently she had a decent collection that was from the late 80s and into the 90s.  She had a connection to the old school NYHC and Metal scenes.  Once I had a chance to actually dig through her stuff, I was absolutely floored.  There was only a couple of hundred pieces, in total, but a ton of original pressings of some of the most important punk rock and hardcore records and the collection had not been updated since 1997 or so.  She was interested in a handful of records that I had and we worked out a trade where I have been able to acquire some pieces that I questioned if I would ever own. 

This copy of Lower East Side Crew is amazing!  Plain black and white printed sleeve, blue labels on both sides, no numbers on the back label and the original insert and even the original plastic baggie it came in.  

If you look at the insert, Raybeez name is spelled Raybies. 

Agnostic Front: Victim in Pain - Original 1984 Ratcage Records Pressing

I have a few copies of this record, but I have never owned a first pressing.  This is one of the most classic NYHC records ever released.  Considered their first "full length", it has 11 tracks that total just over 15 minutes. The influence of this album is immeasurable and  anyone who is a fan of any type of hardcore has or should have a deep respect for these guys and this release.

D.R.I. (Dirty Rotten Imbeciles): Dirty Rotten LP Original Pressing on Dirty Rotten Records 1983

Original pressing of D.R.I.s debut album on Dirty Rotten records from 1983. Awesome copy of this record.  22 tracks which clock in at just over 17 minutes!  Classic, seminal thrashcore. 

Discharge: Never Again Original Pressing on Clay Records 1983

I got really lucky and was able to trade for a handful of my wish list records.  As part of the trade, I picked up this original copy of Never Again by Discharge. This is the follow up album to Hear Nothing, See Nothing, Say Nothing and is a fantastic, early Hardcore/Thrash crossover album.