Monday, November 21, 2011

Lot of Assorted Hardcore 7" - Snapcase/VOD/Quicksand

I have been following a seller on eBay who lists random lots of 7". Many of them end up out of my price range or include records that I already have. However, I got lucky on this one. There is only 1 record that I already own, a couple that I have been interested in and a couple that I have never heard of!

Snapcase: Comatose/ Crown of Thorns from 1992 on Victory VR09

V.O.D.: Clone/Soul Craft - Element (Demo)/Ways to Destroy One's Ambition (Demo) from 1998 on Crisis/Revelation

Quicksand: Omission/ Clean Slate - Unfulfilled/Hypno Jan With Dan from 1990 on Revelation Rev18

Swing Kids: Self Titled

Guyver: One

Awesome packaging all around on this 7"

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Iron Maiden: Flight 666 Live Double Picture Disc

I found this at Sonic Boom this week and it's the newest Live record from Maiden.  I have been making more and more exceptions to live records and picture discs lately.  This one is pretty cool. Stereotypical Iron Maiden artwork all around and good heavyweight vinyl.  It's funny because the art looks almost exactly like Live After Death that came out 20 years ago.

Dropkick Murphy's: Blackout

One step closer to finishing up the Dropkick collection.  I have been putting together the full lengths this year and have been lucky and getting them at good prices.  I actually just ordered the last one this week!  

This is Blackout from 2003 on Hellcat records.  Nothing to special about the pressing, but a great record from these guys.  

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Assorted New Purchases - Iced Earth pre-order, Nevermore: The Year of the Voyager, Terror: The Damned/The Shamed & Dimmu: Abrahadabra

I placed an order to get some the new Iced Earth pre-order and I found some great clearance vinyl from the distro as well! 

First is the new Iced Earth record Dystopia.

Simple packaging and another solid release from these guys. 

Next, is Nevermore: The Year of the Voyager.  I am usually not into live albums, but i love Nevermore and have been listening to this album for a while now.  Their sound has changed a whole lot, over the last 10 years and the live album brings some type of cohesion to their songs and that makes it a bit more palatable for me.

Just like live records, I do not collect picture discs, but its the last Terror record that I need, The Damned/The Shamed on picture vinyl.  I am prety sure this is the only vinyl release of this record and it was cheap, so I figured it was a good addition. 

Finally, Dimmu Borgir: Abrahadabra.  Sounds excellent on vinyl!  For some reason, this double vinyl release was only $6 new.

Agnostic Front: That's Life 7" with Screen Printed Boots/Laurel Logo

This is a really interesting release from AF.  It was released on black vinyl with the icon boots and laurel logo on the back and a clear version with the boots screen printed onto the b side. Both limited to 2000 copies.

H2O: New York City and California 7" Cover Songs (2 Variants Each)

H2O is coming out with an album of hardcore cover songs and they are releasing a total of 3 7" before the full length comes out.  I decided to get 2 variants of each.  There are actually 5 diferent colors of both these records, but I need to draw a line somewhere!

H2O: New York City covers
"Hard Times" by the Cro-Mags (7" exclusive)
"Friends Like You" by Sick of it All
"Pride" by Madball

H2O: California covers
Rancid's "Journey to the End of the East Bay"
Social Distortion's "Sick Boy"
Circle Jerks "Beverly Hills"

The last of this collection of 7" is D.C. which is still on pre-order

Sinking Ships: Ten (Orange Vinyl)

I was placing an order from Revelation Records and found this.  I have a copy on black, but have been interested in another variant.  These guys and Champion were my introduction to the Seattle hardcore scene and always evoke fond memories! 

Immolation: Close to a World Below and Failures for Gods!

These are some of the more sought after Immolation records and they were recently repressed by Cyclone Empire in Germany and limited to 500.  Needless to say, they disappeared very quickly.  I originally ordered them from Nuclear Blast and paid through Paypal with some other records and about 3 weeks later, the money just got returned to my account.  No explanation and no response to my email.  I went to repurchase them and they were both sold out.  So, I found their US distro and ordered them through there and again, 2 weeks later, my payment was left "unclaimed".  Finally, I got in touch with the US distro and they said that there was no history of the order but they had them in stock still.  So, once again I placed an order for them and contacted them right after to confirm they received it and that it would ship.  Yes and yes!  I will get it in a week.  So, 3 weeks later, I email him again and .. sorry, sorry..  2 more weeks.. sorry.   Finally... after a couple of months +, they actually showed up! They were sent express mail and they were sold out on the site.  I am curious if they forgot again and had to dig up a couple of copies from the back room somewhere.

Here they are in all their glory. 

Immolation: Failures for Gods

 Immolation: Close to a World Below