Saturday, January 28, 2012

Dark Angel: Darkness Descends

This is one of my favorite thrash albums from this era. Gene Hoglan shows so much raw talent on these records.  Below I put 2 videos.  The first one is Deicide: Deicide.. my favorite track from them.  Now, if you listen through that track and then go to the video below that - Dark Angel: Black Prophecies. To me, I hear an amazing amount of influence from Dark Angel in the Deicide song.

Megadeth: So far, So Good.. So What?

Original copy of Megadeth: So Far, So Good.. So What? This is on Capitol records and I think its funny that it looks the same as all of the old Capitol releases.  This could be a Beatles record from the 60s.  I really like the way that big labels handled bands like this.  It was a small percentage of bands that could sell enough to get onto Capitol or any of the majors. Seems that releases are so much more segregated now. This was released in 1988 and charted at #28.  Somehow the newest record (Endgame) debuted at #11 in 2011, over 20 years later. 

This song was written as a tribute to Cliff Burton (R.I.P.)

Original Kreator: Out of the Dark (Into the Light) Autographed by Band

One of the best Kreator records, Out of the Dark from 1988 on Noise International records. This one is autographed by the whole band on the cover and inner sleeve! 

Slayer: Original Reign in Blood and Bootleg Kill Kill Kill

A pretty sweet bootleg Slayer release: Kill Kill Kill

Recorded live at Dynamo in 1985 and released in 1990 on Dig records(?)

Always a pleasure to see.. Slayer: Reign in Blood  Original Def Jam release.

Finally, a Few Classic Dio Records!

Last in Line, Holy Diver and a bonus record Sacred Heart, which was hidden inside the Holy Diver sleeve! 
All absolute classics!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Metallica: Enter Sandman pic 7"/Whiplash 12"/Interview pic disc and a few classics

Some really interesting Metallica records were part of this collection. The first one of note is Enter Sandman 7".  It is a pic disc with really light printing that compliments the original cover of the Black album and this sleeve as well.  This is a UK import from 1991 and autographed by Lars and Kirk. 

Next is an original Elektra 7" of Eye of the Beholder from 1988

Flip side is their rendition of Breadfan

Also in the lot is an original Whiplash 12" on Megaforce, original Kill Em All on Megaforce, Creeping Death on Music for Nation, Master of Puppets and Ride the Lightning and the last one is a pic disc of a Chris Tetley Interview from back in 1987.

I can't believe how fast this grew.  The collection is going to need some thinning sooner or later!

Anthrax: 3 Copies of Fistful of Metal, Among the Living and Make Me Laugh (Pic Disc)

3 copies of Fistful of Metal, all on Megaforce, but slightly different from each other.  A couple of them are in really bad shape. I took one out and it looked like it was last put away covered in beer...15 years ago.  Another copy has all corners bent and chunks of the back cover missing.  At least I know that these records have seen their fair share of play! One of them does happen to be in good enough shape all around. 

Also, original Among the Living and a picture disc pressing of Make Me Laugh.

Filling in some important gaps of the Iron Maiden collection

A great appeal of this lot from Doug were these Maiden records. I have been slowly picking away at these and on eBay they tend to go for a bit more than I want to spend and they are pretty hard to find at the record stores.  Just so happened that the ones he had fit in really well with my collection.  Previously I did not have Somewhere in Time, Killers or Self Titled.  I have a copy of The Number of the Beast, but it is from a long time ago and it is just demolished.  It plays...but barely.  Now, I have a fresh copy of that and 3 additions! 

It seems that everywhere I go, I find copies of Live After Death!  

Here is the collection of LPs so far.

A Ramones Extravaganza! 7 assorted 12" and 3 7"

Another sweet lot of records that were part of Doug's collection.

These are all original presses from the Ramones. The most interesting is Pinheads, on the top left.  It is a bootleg record that is a live broadcast of a show from My Father's Place on Long Island.  I have only seen a couple of references to this record on the internet and I have not seen a reference to a pressing on blue.  It is a very rough recording during a great era for the Ramones.

Also, a few 7" records from assorted eras. 

Friday, January 20, 2012

Collection of Glenn Danzig Related Records (Danzig, Samhain and Misfits)

This is the first posting of a ton of records that I picked up during my last trip to Long Island.  Doug is an old buddy of mine and I have been picking up records from him for a while and finally we worked out a deal and I bought the remainder of his collection.  The next dozen posts or so will all be from that collection.
Some of the records that I purchased from Doug in the past are Judge, Bulldoze, Youth of Today, Cleanser, a couple from Neglect, Slayer: Divine Intervention, Mind Over Matter, Arkham and One4One.

I've decided to consolidate all of the Glenn Danzig related records here and what better to start with than The Misfits?

Here are some of the most classic Misfits singles from back in the day. 
All but Cough/Cool are Plan9 bootleg pressings without any type on the labels.

4 Original Misfits LPs including Live Night of the Living Dead on MAD001, limited to 1500, Earth A.D, Evilive and Walk Among Us

Here are original Def Jam presses of Danzig: Dirty Black Summer and Danzig.

Sorry, I had to add it!

This is an underground Danzig release on "Def Jim records", Fresh Flesh,  Live at The Ritz from 1989 and limited to 750 copies.

Finally, to round off this partial Glenn Danzig collection, some Samhain records
Unholy Passion, November Coming Fire and Initium

Cannibal Corpse: The Bleeding and Tomb of the Mutilated represses on Back on Black

Got my hands on some nice Back on Black represses of Tomb of the Mutilated and The Bleeding. Tomb of the Mutilated was the first Death Metal record I ever heard and The Bleeding was my favorite of the genre for a long time!  Listening back now, Tomb was a very hard record to listen to.  The production seems so muddy and saturated, but classic in its own right. 

These are some great records, as all of the Back on Black tend to me.  Both on different shades of red and with heavy, gatefold covers.

Chris Barnes at his best on Tomb of the Mutilated

and again from The Bleeding

H20: D.C. 7" to Finish the Collection and Don't Forget Your Roots 12" on White and Purple

This is the last of the H2O series of 7" off of Don't Forget Your Roots
This is the D.C. H2O's 7 Inch on White vinyl. Featuring the following tracks: Safe (Dag Nasty), Said Gun (Embrace), and Understand (Government Issue - Exclusive to this release).

This completes the collection of these H20 7".  I did only get 2 of the 3 colors of each, but its more than enough for me.

Finally, here is the full length 12" that all of these singles are from, Don't Forget Your Roots on white and semi-transparent purple. 

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A389 Records Halloween "Fill in the Gaps" Special + Ringworm Flexi and More!

A389 offered a Halloween "Fill in the Blanks" special as well as some new releases.  The first one is a really interesting Ringworm: Madness of War clear flexi disc!  A really interesting concept. Seems that the last year has shown a resurgence of flexi vinyl, including Decibel magazine including one in each of their new issues, for subscribers.

Next, is another Ringworm release.  This is a split with Mindsnare and is packaged with a mini comic book as the sleeve.  Awesome purple vinyl and clever packaging idea with the comic.

And.. to "Fill in the Gaps" ...

Integrity: Walpurgisnacht
This is probably 3rd or 4th press now on great looking splatter vinyl
Assorted 7" Including
PICK YOUR SIDE: Survival Prayer
PALE CREATION: Wake Of Temptation (b/w Rose Colored Haze)


INTEGRITY: To Die For 10″

PULLING TEETH: Funerary 12″


Finally, the new Ringowm album Scars on Victory records.  Check out the color of the vinyl.. its a pretty obnoxious combination of colors, if you ask me.

Dropkick Murphy's: The Warriors Code Green 12" and Picture 7"

Finally, the last of the Dropkick Murphy's records that I have been collecting

I ordered this on eBay and won it on a Best Offer, which was unexpected.  I was assuming it was on black vinyl and the description said that it was used, but in good enough shape.  Surprisingly, it is in excellent condition, on green vinyl and he threw in a 7" picture disc of The Warrior's Code!

Between the Buried and Me: The Silent Circus Repress (Peach Splatter)

This is a sweet repress of BTBAM: The Silent Circus on Victory records. 
Cool peach vinyl with a light, color splatter. 

Goes well with the repress of Colors and the copy of Alaska