Friday, February 17, 2012

In Flames: A Sense of experiment

Let me start by saying that I am a huge At the Gates fan and always have been. When In Flames came out with their record The Jester Race, I thought it was good, but second rate to the At the Gates releases.  I could never listen in In Flames without hearing sub-par At the Gates.  During that time,  it seemed that everyone became huge fans of In Flames but never really caught onto the At the Gates records.  I always felt that the In Flames records sounded like dumbed down versions of ATG.  I was picking up a few records from an eBay seller and he had this one as well, for pretty cheap.  It is from 2008 so not really a fair representation of them, but worth a shot anyhow. 

Long story short.. I think I got through most of the first side before wanting to throw it into the street.  This definitely did not help revitalize any interest in In Flames.  I am going to listen through Whoracle and The Jester Race one more time and see the 10+ years since they came out have helped me be more understanding!

Definitely not my style

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