Monday, June 28, 2010

Moving Sale in Seattle... 4 new records! Anthrax: State of Euphoria

A guy posted on CL that he was having a moving sale and had some asst records, including some metal.

I went over and scored 4 pretty cool records!

My favorite of the bunch is Anthrax: State of Euphoria!!

This is an original press from 1988 Island Records!

Unfortunately, it is missing the limited edition hologram.

Rollins Band: Turned On.. Live 1989

Another great find ..Rollins Band: Turned On.. This is live from Vienna in 1989 and released on 1/4 Stick Records.

Nice double vinyl in a simple B&W slip sleeve.

Comeback Kid: Wake The Dead

This is a pretty good find. Comeback Kid: Wake The Dead on Victory Records from 2005 on blue vinyl.

This is not my favorite scene, but I do enjoy some of it (i.e. Champion/Sinking Ships/Bane etc)

I had not heard this record before I got this and it sounds great.. a welcomed addition.

Eazy-E: Eazy Duz it - Repress

Eazy-E: Eazy Duz it.

Believe it or not, I have the original press of this. I couldn't turn it down from a moving sale though!!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Metallica collection to date!

Here are all of the full lengths that I would want except for Master of Puppets, plus some duplicates.

All the standard releases are here, including a repress of Ride the Lightning and a promo copy of Garage Days: Re-revisited.

Some of these go back to when I was around 13 years old or so!!

Exciting to see them all together.


Finally got a sweet version of Master of Puppets on 2lps, cut at 45rpm

Metallica: Self Titled.. Black Album!

Yet another Metallica record..

Metallica: Self Titled (aka the Black Album)

This rounds out my need for Metallica full lengths. I can comfortably say that this is the last of the full lengths worthy of buying or listening to.

Nice repress on double, black vinyl and a slip sleeve.

These actually sound really good..

Metallica: Creeping Death 1984!

Amazing to think that this came out in 1984..
I am trying to finish up with the Metallica LPs that I need.

This is a great find locally. I found this for a good price at Sonic Boom in West Seattle.

Refused: The Shape Of Punk To Come!! Repress with DVD

This is one of my favorites and its been repressed!! I have the original version on vinyl, but this repress is on dual, heavy 12" with a bonus DVD and gatefold sleeve.

The original is single vinyl and a slip sleeve.

This album is so well received in many genres.. if you have not heard this, it is an absolute must.

"Arguably the most influential hardcore album of all time, 'The Shape of Punk To Come' was Refused's masterpiece, their last recording, and the record that launched a new generation of hardcore bands."

Isis: Panopticon

This is the 5th pressing of Isis: Panopticon. This is pressed in some excellent looking vinyl and I hesitated to order it online and found this copy at the store.

It was sealed so I assumed it was black, but was willing to take the chance and hoped it was one of the color pressings..

Either way, this is a fantastic record and looks excellent.

I plan to sell it on eBay and get at least one of the other versions of this pressing.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Pelican: Ephemeral on Southern Lord

Another nice Pelican record to add to the collection.

Pelican: Ephemeral on Southern Lord Records. I actually scored this used.. it looks like it has never been played.

Apparently this was out of print through Southern Lord for a while.

This was priced at $19.99 and since, Southern Lord repressed and the used price went down to $8.99...

Lucky me ;)

Nile: Annihilation of the Wicked double LP with etching!

This is a great copy of Nile: Annihilation of the Wicked. This is a double LP on black vinyl from Relapse, released in 2005 in great, gatefold packaging.

I got this used from Silver Platters and I pulled the records out just enough to check and see the condition. I know they were pressed on color vinyl, but the heavy, black is fine for me.

When I opened it all up to look at the records, it turns out that the 4th side is etched! It has the Nile logo on it with a really cool looking image. It is very unique and a most welcome surprise

Lamb of God: Wrath box set with CD and thumbdrive!!

I was looking at getting the Hourglass box set, but it was pretty expensive and I have most of the LOG records as is. I was missing Wrath and As the Palaces Burn.

So, I picked but a copy of Lamb of God: Wrath on eBay. It is the box set edition with the digipack CD and a thumb drive with some sub-mixes of the originally recorded tracks.

This is a big package and I got it for a good price. ... It also has a thick spine, so it shows up well on the shelf.

Can you spot it?!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Misery Index: Dissent and Blacklisted: Heavier than God

Another couple of good records from Singles Going Steady.

Somehow, I finally scored a copy of Misery Index: Dissent on Anarchos/Emetic records.

This is my favorite release by Misery Index and I never see it show up for sale. It was pretty lucky to find it in a local shop!

Also, a great looking copy of Blacklisted: Heavier than God on Deathwish.

The vinyl design is really clever on this one.

Red Sparowes: At The Soundless Dawn --- transparent silver wax

This is another really nice Red Sparowes release.

Red Sparowes: At The Soundless Dawn was released on Robotic Empire in 2005 and has been pressed a couple of times.

This here is my favorite. It is on transparent silver wax. It looks like it was clear vinyl and they added the silver on top, but did not allow it to cover the whole record. So, each of the records has a varied coverage.

The vinyl design makes this set pretty interesting to me.

My most sought after record! Pelican: Australasia 4th Press

This is an absolute dream for me. I have been looking into this record for the last year. Somehow I scored a copy on eBay for about 1/2 of what the auctions I have been tracking sell for.

IMO this is one of the nicest records pressed in recent years.

This is the 4th Press of Pelican: Australasia. This is all handprinted and limited to 1000 copies.

The cover is soft cardboard and had 4-5 layers of textured screenprinted ink..

The inside of the gatefold is screenprinted red on brown..

The back in hand numbered .. this is #826

The vinyl themselves are marbled, stone style and are matching colors to the covers.

Overall this is a brilliant presentation... by far the best from Pelican and without a question, one of the best I have seen.. period.

Madball: Hold it Down! Finally Opened!!!!!

I have had a copy of Madball: Hold it Down for a while now and I got it sealed and had some trouble opening it. Its a sealed Madball record that is 10 years old!

I finally decided it was time to enjoy it. Something really interesting about opening up older records..

So, here it is along with my other Madball vinyl