Sunday, February 5, 2012

Original 1990's NYHC 7" Madball/ Murphy's Law/ District 9/ Mind Over Matter/ No Redeeming/ Sheer Terror/ E-Manon

One of the reasons that I was so interested in Doug's records was because of the NYHC stuff. I pick up whatever I can, whenever I can.  However, on the West Coast its a bit harder to find anything used. These are all extremely welcomed additions to my collection.

District 9: Schoolahardknox

In the last few years District 9 has become one of my favorite bands from the 90s NYHC scene.
They have a very limited amount of material and this is the only 7" they put out. On Striving for Togetherness Records from 1995. Released on clear, black and red vinyl.

Mind Over Matter: Self Titled
This is the 2nd copy of this that I have.  Old school hardcore from Long Island.

Murphy's Law: What Will the Neighbors Think?

From 1996 on Another Planet records in transparent green vinyl

Madball: Ball of Destruction!  

This is an original pressing on Relativity records from 1989.  In my opinion, this is one of the most important records for this resurgence of this scene. This is the first time we heard Freddie on vinyl and the evolution of Madball changed what we know of hardcore to sound like to this date. 

Check out the sticker on the outer sleeve... just classic!

and a bonus video.. cause that one was so short

This is a really strange record.  It is a comp which has a good handful of bands on it. It has no cover and just some writing on it advertising a Pitfall show at the Gas Station. Gas station is most noted for being the last show that GG Allin played, the night he od'd

This record has Pitfall on it, Eleven-11, E-Manon and the flipside has No Redeeming Social Value listed.. but it is actually crossed out and they do not actually have a song on the record. 

My favorite track on this is from E-Manon.  I hadn't heard E-Manon before. 
Old school Queens hardcore!

No Redeeming Social Value: Negative Image

Some obnoxious hardcore here on Desperate Records.  Live from 89.1 WNYU!

Sheer Terror: Live at CBGB's

Limited edition, bootleg vinyl on Blackout records from around 1989

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