Monday, March 22, 2010

Some new hardcore from the 90s.

I got my hands on a copy of Shelter: Perfection of Desire on Revelation Records (rev16) from 1990.

I do think the Krishna movement in the 90s was a bit strange, but it takes all kinds and Shelter is a welcomed addition to my collection.

The auction was pretty funny, it said "I wont tell Cappo that you desire this shit. So bid hard."

Next, is a hardcore comp called The Rebirth of Hardcore: 1999. This is on Supersoul Recordings.

This has a ton of bands, many that I have never heard of. A cool snapshot of the time. The cover folds out into a huge poster.

Better than a Thousand
Ten Yard Fight
Where Fear and Weapons Meet
In My Eyes
Good Clean Fun
For the Living
Eyes Shut
Rain on the Parade
Saves the Day

Sepultura: Chaos A.D.

Finally.. I have been starting to look into getting the Sepultura discography and it seems a bit pricey for the older, first presses and Roots is very, very hard to find at all.

So, I picked up a sealed repress of Chaos A.D. on eBay. Printed on 180g black vinyl.

One of my favorite metal records of all time!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Order from Deathwish Records .. Sleep.. Cold World and Ringworm

This order was about twice as big, at least 2x, but I trimmed it down to these 3.

The new Cold World/Strength for a Reason split on marble gray vinyl.

Nice record with 4 songs, all which are new and rather good.

Next, is Ringworm: The Promise repress on splatter purple vinyl. This is a fantastic record, for what it is. 45rpm ....

Lastly.... this record I absolutely love! Sleep: Dopesmoker. This is one song, around 64 minutes that fits onto 3 12" sides!

Some of the best stoner metal.

Monday, March 8, 2010

eBay delivery from Japan!! Some good ole NYHC

Amazing to think that I have to get these from Japan. These are US pressings from VOD and Fury of Five. Well.. it is what it is and I finally got the first 2 Vision of Disorder LPs

Here is Vision of Disorder - Self Titled

and Vision of Disorder: Imprint

Two fantastic Long Island hardcore releases.

Also, the seller had a copy of Fury of Five - No Reason to Smile

Hardcore is known to have some ugly folks.. but, I do think the vocalist for Fury of V takes the cake..

Baroness: Blue Album

This is my favorite Baroness record to date and is a bit nicer than the Red Album, in my opinion.

On yellow/green splatter vinyl with a blue themed gatefold, it is just an awesome presentation.

A true piece of artwork all around.

Baroness: Red Album

Baroness is a new find for me. The last 4 months or so I have become very interested in these guys.

Everything they do is very well thought out, from the titles to the compositions to the visuals.

The vinyl is absolutely amazing. This week my girlfriend and I picked up both the Red Album and the Blue Album, both on Relapse.

This is the Red Album, comes on double heavy 12" wax that is red and white split. Full gatefold cover with incredible artwork throughout.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Dillinger Escape Plan: Miss Machine

Another great find from Singles.... Dillinger Escape Plan: Miss Machine.

2004 Relapse records release on 180g black vinyl.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Some classics from the vault! Part 1

I am finally getting around to reorganizing my records and I thought it would be cool to take some photos of the old school records that have been around forever.

Most of these I have had since I was a kid.

All Suicidal classics!!

King Diamond: Them

Iron Maiden: Number of the Beast

Manowar: Kings of Metal!! \m/

Classics Part 2!!

All classic Metallica records!
Even a promo copy of Garage Days

Slayer: South of Heaven and Rain in Blood

Both signed by Kerry King...

Unfortunately, when I left the signing, I left the records in the car.... in the heat... and both records got warped :( .. still looking for replacements.

Death: Spiritual Healing

Morbid Angel: Alters of Madness on red vinyl!