Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sepultura: Roots - Roadrunner Repress on Brown/Red Double Vinyl Limited to 100 Copies

One of my top 10 records of all time and the first copy I have owned on vinyl.  The original pressings were always very hard to find and would sell for quite a bit of money.  When I heard that this was being repressed, I grabbed a few copies on the preorder that were on this limited brown color.  The vinyl color really works well with the artwork and theme of the record and ties the whole presentation together.  

Shortly after placing the order, it was refunded from Roadrunner stating that they no longer had any of these limited copies available.  Now, the black copies were available, but I kind of decided that I was going to stick it out and wait to find a copy of this on eBay.  Several came and went in the $100 range, but after about 9 months, I finally came across a sketchy auction that people were hesitant to bid on got this copy.  It is in immaculate condition with the brown vinyl and the original insert booklet. I took a bit of a gamble with the auction, but ended up getting really lucky and scoring this copy.

I love Sepultura and Chaos AD and Arise are both up there for best metal records, but Roots took things in a different direction that can never be replicated. The undeniably metal riffs with the tribal percussion and intensity of Max and Igor was genius and timeless. Earlier records from them had a hint of their Brazilian roots, but it surfaced as American metal with a tinge of something ethnic and different.  It made their music very unique, but Roots took it from another approach, starting with their Brazillian roots and incorporating their American metal chops.   

Suffocation: Human Waste 1990 Original Pressing on Nuclear Blast/Relapse

Suffocation has risen to be the premier brutal, old school Death Metal band and has been recently inducted into the Long Island music hall of fame.  There is no doubt that they have had an amazing amount of influence in the scene and helped develop what it is today.  Over and over, they have released amazing records, some of which will remain classics in this scene, forever.  

This is a copy of their first EP, Human Waste from back in 1990. Maybe not the most polished release from them, but a totally solid.  Excellent artwork, good enough production and great songwriting. This comes with the original insert advertisement. If only I could go back and order a few copies of those records now.  It is almost impossible to find some of those titles.  Almost all are classics.

3 Broken Hope Represses from Emetic: Repulsive Conception/Bowels of Repugnance/Swamped in Gore

Old school death metal classics.  The Bowels of Repugnance was what sold me on these guys. I actually tricked my father into listening to this when it came out.  Track one is a soft, violin introduction with classical guitar that fades out into gnarly, guttural Death Metal. I am pretty sure that was the first and last time he entertained listening to my Death Metal records. 

Emetic pressed each one of these on vinyl for the first time, all are limited to 500 on black vinyl. Some of the art looks a bit pixelated and enlarged, but it still works well. They are all in thick, gatefold covers with heavy, quality vinyl. 

Cryptopsy: Self Titled on Silver Gray Vinyl - Limited to 100 Copies

Cryptopsy has always been one of my favorite bands and over the last handful of years, I have been very wary of they're new releases.  I absolutely love Once Was Not, but Undisputable King was a mockery of the band they once were.  So, when they were working on this record and witout Lord Worm, but.. with Levasseur being the main songwriter, I felt it could have gone either way.  I saw the preorder was available, but I decided to wait until I heard a single.  Once they released Two-Pound Torch, I was sold!  Literally, I bought 3 copies of the preorder then and there.  Emetic ended up refunding me for two of them because they limited sales to 1 of the gray vinyl, but I still got one, nice, fancy, gray/silver copy and love it! 

Guns N' Roses: Use Your Illusion I Original Press 2LP

An indispuitable classic here.  I have been trying to pick up Volume 1 and 2 for a while now, but I am stubborn about the price, so I let a lot of them go. I set a $30 budget for these and this one fell right in the $15 range, so I am on target!  
Original press on double vinyl from Geffen records. This record has gone 7x platinum as well as Volume 2.

Stellar track list...
1. "Right Next Door to Hell"  

2. "Dust N' Bones"  

3. "Live and Let Die" 

4. "Don't Cry"

5. "Perfect Crime"  

6. "You Ain't the First"  

7. "Bad Obsession"  

8. "Back Off Bitch"  

9. "Double Talkin' Jive"  

10. "November Rain"  

11. "The Garden" 

12. "Garden of Eden"  

13. "Don't Damn Me"  

14. "Bad Apples"  

15. "Dead Horse"  

16. "Coma"  

Just take a look at these pictures..  We had a really good laugh

Big Business: Wild Kingdom 7" (Red Vinyl)

I was lucky enough to pick this up from Big Business when they were in town with Melvins (Lite). This is one of three different color variations from Gold Metal records. In my opinion, Big Business has been entirely consistent with they're releases and this is no exception. A pair of great songs from these guys.  It's also really nice to see that it is not on Relapse or any of the bigger labels yet, that they have a big enough following to self release this material.

Burn: Self Titled 7" on Revelation Records 1990 (Orange vinyl)

A great find locally, Burn: Self Titled from 1990 REV22. Orange vinyl, 2nd press out of 1000 copies

Reign Supreme 7" on Rock Vegas (Green vinyl)

I was lucky and found a nice copy of this Reign Supreme 7" on Rock Vegas records. I actually questioned whether or not this was the hardcore band at first, because it looks so different from anything they ever put out, ugly, pea green vinyl and all.