Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Finally Caught up!! Now I can open my eBaY finds

I figured the only way that I would keep this blog updated is if I keep the eBaY purchases sealed until I have any backlogged records written up.

Now that I am caught up, I can dig into the first of 9 packages that are waiting for me from eBaY and the local record shops.

So, I purchased a record from a guy on eBaY and when I was checking out I saw that he had some records that were pretty cheap. So, I decided to take a risk and get Lost in Aggression: Self Titled from 1985 on Mutha Records. Now, this record does not sound very good, but it does have some clever packaging. It comes with 2 tickets to see them at the Stone Pony in NJ, 3 newspaper clippings, 2 flyers and a hand written set list.

Next is Good Clean Fun: Live in Springfield on Phyte Records 2000. This comes along with an insert and 3D glasses for the cover!

This band, I have no idea about.. Screw 32: Under the Influence of Bad People 1997 Fat Wreck Chords

Another one that I am not sure of.. Pagan Babies: Next on Roadrunner/Hawker Records 1988

Now, the record that I was looking for originally! Mucky Pup: A Boy in a Mans World! on Torrid Records 1989 .. This record is pretty funny and an absolute must hear. I remember listening to this over and over as a kid.

Craigslist Lot!! Good and Bad pieces

So, I found a guy on Craigslist who had a collection of records. He said he had some good punk, hardcore and metal, but it was mixed in with a lot of assorted junk.

I decided to buy the whole lot and sort out what was garbage, what can be sold on eBaY and what I wanted to keep. All in all there were about 400 records and I kept around 22pcs.

In no particular order... they are..

Black Sabbath: Master of Reality.. 1971 A must have!!

Beastie Boys: License to Ill This is another classic album from the mid 80s..

2 records from the 1980;s hardcore band from D.C. Government Issue: The Fun Just Never Ends 1985 and Self Titled 1986

2 Butthole Surfers records Cream Corn from the Socket of Davis 1985 Cartel Records and Locust Abortion Technician 1987 Touch and Go Records

JFA: Self Titled
1984 Placebo Records

2 G.B.H. Records Oh No It's G.B.H. Again! 1986 Combat Core and No Need to Panic! 1987 Combat Records

2 Descendents records ALL on SST records 1987 and Bonus Fat on SST from 1987 as well

3 7 Seconds records: Praise on positive force Records 1986, Walk Together/ Rock Together on Positive force 1985 and The Crew on Better Youth Organization 1984

Subhumans: EP/LP on Bluurg Records 1985

These 2 I am stoked to have!! Here are 2 D.R.I. records 4 of a Kind on Metal Blade 1988 and Crossover on Death Records 1987. Both excellent records!

This is a bit later than the rest of the records here, but here is Helmet: Aftertaste from 1997 on Epitaph records.

Also, one of the best Helmet records... Betty on dual 10" from Amphetamine Records 1994.. This is a great find!!

Next is another great one Social Distortion: White Light, White Heat, White Trash on Sony Records 1996

And.. last and not least (my favorite of the stack) Agnostic Front: Liberty and Justice for.......on Combat Records 1987

A quick trip to Jive Time records!

So, at Jive Time they are just finishing up with a big lot of Hardcore and Punk records that they got in. There were some cool pieces. I ended up with a strange assortment.

Dead Kennedys: Bleed for Me from 1982

A radio station copy of Token Entry: The Weight of the World from 1990 on Roadrunner

and.. a great find Envy/Jesu: Split on white vinyl.. Very high quality packaging and pressing

eBaY Assorted Finds!

I came across a couple of pieces that I was looking for on eBay.

First is Kill Your Idols: Funeral for a Feeling on blue wax. Nice pressing of this album.

Also, I picked up The Killer: Better to be Judged by 12 Than Carried by 6 on a nice gray splatter. Number 52 out of 133

Monday, January 25, 2010

Singles Going Steady! .. Seattle

My favorite record shop in Seattle. It tends to be hit and miss. This time I got a few pieces.

Again, they are a bit varied.

I bought a new copy of NOFX: The Decline. I have to say, I am not a huge fan of NOFX, but this song, The Decline is just excellent.. also, the flipside Clams Have Feelings Too, is pretty funny!

Next, Flipper: Blow'n Chunks, Live at CBGB's 1981 This is a new pressing and is pretty classic Flipper.

I am a fan of some old school Unearth and found a copy of the single Endless on blue wax. This is one of my favorite tracks by them.

Lastly, I finally picked up a copy of Sinking Ships: Ten on Revelation. This is on black wax and I have a feeling I will be getting some other versions of this over time.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Christmas Trip to Portland

My first time in Portland!! What a great reason to check out all of the local record shops! I managed to get at least one record from each store.

Let's start at 2nd Ave Records.

I liked this place a lot. It has a good selection of hardcore and metal and was reasonably priced. One that that I thought was funny is that the It was a bit misleading as the placeholders for the vinyl all had bands that I was looking for, but they were all empty. Names such as Biohazard, Merauder and Cold World, all records I was looking for. I got all excited and they were just empty!

However, I did get a few pieces. I got Only Crime: Virulence on Fat Wreck Chords from 2007. I had seen this around a bunch, but never heard it. It was cheap, so I gave it a shot.... all in all, I like it.

Next, I got Strife: In This Defiance on Victory from 1997. Again, it was cheap and a piece that I am missing.

Also, a live Agnostic Front picture 10"

Last, I picked up Terror: Always the Hard Way. I love this record and have finally added it to the other Terror that I have. Nice gatefold with some amazing art.

Ok, Next record shop is Jackpot!

This is a cool, little store. Reminds me of Easy Street here in Seattle.

The vinyl selection was pretty good overall and I was surprised at the variety of records that I found and chose to pick up. This is definitely a strange set of pieces.

First is the black metal band Nachmystium: Eulogy IV on Kreation Records

Next is Immortal: At the Heart of Winter. #1436 of 1500 on Osmose Productions.

To make this find a bit more bizarre I got a 1988 pressing of Candlemass: Nightfall on Metal Blade! A classic power metalesque record.

Finish off this strange set with The Casualties: Die Hards..

So, some punk, power metal and black metal.... go figure..

Next stop is Crossroads Music

This place was crazy.. there were Metal and Punk records in a bunch of different spots. I dug around for a while and came out with a couple of pieces.

First is Melt-Banana: Cactuses Come in Flocks..

I like these guys a lot and I think they are very unique.. but man.. this record is very hard to listen to..

Next is Leftover Crack: Fuck World Trade on Alternative Tentacles

Ok.. only 2 more stores to go!!

Music Millennium.. this place was rad. I kept finding things that I wanted and they were reasonably priced! I thought my girlfriend was going to kill me I spent so much time there.

Let's start with a couple of NYHC albums.
Sick of it All: Death to Tyrants!
Great record from a fantastic band.
Indecision: To Live and Die in New York City
I love this record and I do have a copy, but I could not let it sit there, cheap and un taken.

Next, is a very strange LP. This is Fall of the Bastards: Where Dead Hang from Trees
Limited tour edition on red vinyl out of only 150

Laibach: Life is Life
- promo from the early 80s

Rancid: Self Titled
from 2000 on Epitaph

Phobia: Grind your Fucking Head In
on Deep Six Records

I also grabbed on random from the $1 bin... Spitboy: True Self Revealed.. hmm

Last stop is Green Noise records.

Now, this was my kind of spot. I actually turned down a few records because I had spent some cash over the couple of days already. But, I did get 4 pretty cool pieces.

First, I got 2 Dropkick Murphys records The Gang's All Here and Do or Die

Next, is Ludichrist:Immaculate Deception. I passed on a copy of this a while back and have thought about it since. These guys were always around when I was growing up and I really enjoy this record.

Last but not least!! Is a new copy of Isis: The Red Sea on tri-color vinyl.. Yet another beautiful release from these guys.. They never cease to amaze me.

Thanksgiving trip to NY!

So, I have been buying some pieces here and there on eBay and at the local record shops, but not finding a whole lot.

My girlfriend and I were stoked to go to NY to see my family for Thanksgiving.

I figured it would be a good time to add some stuff. We ended up going to Generation Records, Bleeker Bobs and a couple others that I cannot remember in NYC and Looney Tunes on Long Island.

Believe it or not, the only record I got was one 7". I thought my chances for some nice NYHC records would be good, but ... nope!

I picked up Mind Over Matter, S/T on Wreck Age records from 1992.

I grew up with these guys around Long Island. This is a great find for me!

Also, I got lucky a couple of months ago and scored the full length "Security" from 1994 sealed!

History and background

How many records I have tend to ebb and flow. I have sold off most of my collection a couple of times and kept some pieces here and there. I have only a few hundred pieces now, but am finally deciding to add a bit more aggressively and for the first time, focus on a genre or two! I will show some of the older pieces here as time goes on.

Monday, January 4, 2010

And so it begins..

So, I’ve found myself addicted to records…

My name is Lenny and I was born and raised on Long Island, NY.

I have always been deeply involved with music and fascinated with the way that albums display a chronology of a scene, an era and a region.

I have recently moved to Seattle and parted with many of my records. My goal is to reconstruct my personal chronology through my collection.

The focus at this time is NYHC and related. I also have a strong interest in Metal of all kinds as well as a lot crossover.

Hopefully this blog will serve as a reminder for how this unfolds.

I do hope that it is interesting for any of you that happen upon it.

Without further ado…….