Monday, February 6, 2012

Gojira: From Mars to Sirius

I am a huge Gojira fan and was stoked to see that Listenable was going to be releasing From Mars to Sirius for the first time on vinyl.  The deal with is was that there were only 250 pressed on black or white vinyl and it is in special, gatefold packaging made of fancy pressed paper.  Now, it was a pre-order that was available through Listenable for a while and it was slated to be released in October. However, October came and went and the pre-order date showed a vague November time frame. Since it was exclusive and limited, I worried that it would sell out through them and never actually make it to any stores.  Also, because they are a French label, I would almost guarantee that if I didn't get one from the label, I would be fighting for them on eBay after it was released.  

So, the record itself was a fair $25 or so, but the shipping was actually more than the record itself. It became a dilemma all of a sudden.  Sold out soon or not, that is a lot of money for a new record.  Because shipping was not much more for a second record, I decided to pick up 2. That made the price of them, each, reasonable for me and I could sell the extra copy to recoup part of the price of the one I am keeping. 

Long story short..  I finally got my copies in late December and they are lovely!

My favorite song on this record.  Where Dragons Dwell

A deep voice is rising
From the heart of the mountain
Vibrations of the stone
I can hear in my heart

The call of instinct
The flight of the powerful
I hunger for it
It just keeps me alive

I met the dragon
In a cave by the mountain
Now I bring the evidence
The beast is alive

This ageless army
Will strike in the morning
And then a star will rise
And shine in the sky
But I grow impatient
Cannot stand the wait
And I start to dig
Within me
This tunnel to I

In this region of me
A great dragon is lying
On the wealth of a mighty world
My own world inside

I saw
I saw monsters
And I
And I started to dig within
When I
When I turn my back on them
They devour me
In this region of me
A dragon is lying there
Monsters kings
Do not scorn them
But do not fear them
Muster thy army
Dragons are the myth alive
In the heart of men

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