Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sepultura: Roots - Roadrunner Repress on Brown/Red Double Vinyl Limited to 100 Copies

One of my top 10 records of all time and the first copy I have owned on vinyl.  The original pressings were always very hard to find and would sell for quite a bit of money.  When I heard that this was being repressed, I grabbed a few copies on the preorder that were on this limited brown color.  The vinyl color really works well with the artwork and theme of the record and ties the whole presentation together.  

Shortly after placing the order, it was refunded from Roadrunner stating that they no longer had any of these limited copies available.  Now, the black copies were available, but I kind of decided that I was going to stick it out and wait to find a copy of this on eBay.  Several came and went in the $100 range, but after about 9 months, I finally came across a sketchy auction that people were hesitant to bid on got this copy.  It is in immaculate condition with the brown vinyl and the original insert booklet. I took a bit of a gamble with the auction, but ended up getting really lucky and scoring this copy.

I love Sepultura and Chaos AD and Arise are both up there for best metal records, but Roots took things in a different direction that can never be replicated. The undeniably metal riffs with the tribal percussion and intensity of Max and Igor was genius and timeless. Earlier records from them had a hint of their Brazilian roots, but it surfaced as American metal with a tinge of something ethnic and different.  It made their music very unique, but Roots took it from another approach, starting with their Brazillian roots and incorporating their American metal chops.   

Suffocation: Human Waste 1990 Original Pressing on Nuclear Blast/Relapse

Suffocation has risen to be the premier brutal, old school Death Metal band and has been recently inducted into the Long Island music hall of fame.  There is no doubt that they have had an amazing amount of influence in the scene and helped develop what it is today.  Over and over, they have released amazing records, some of which will remain classics in this scene, forever.  

This is a copy of their first EP, Human Waste from back in 1990. Maybe not the most polished release from them, but a totally solid.  Excellent artwork, good enough production and great songwriting. This comes with the original insert advertisement. If only I could go back and order a few copies of those records now.  It is almost impossible to find some of those titles.  Almost all are classics.

3 Broken Hope Represses from Emetic: Repulsive Conception/Bowels of Repugnance/Swamped in Gore

Old school death metal classics.  The Bowels of Repugnance was what sold me on these guys. I actually tricked my father into listening to this when it came out.  Track one is a soft, violin introduction with classical guitar that fades out into gnarly, guttural Death Metal. I am pretty sure that was the first and last time he entertained listening to my Death Metal records. 

Emetic pressed each one of these on vinyl for the first time, all are limited to 500 on black vinyl. Some of the art looks a bit pixelated and enlarged, but it still works well. They are all in thick, gatefold covers with heavy, quality vinyl. 

Cryptopsy: Self Titled on Silver Gray Vinyl - Limited to 100 Copies

Cryptopsy has always been one of my favorite bands and over the last handful of years, I have been very wary of they're new releases.  I absolutely love Once Was Not, but Undisputable King was a mockery of the band they once were.  So, when they were working on this record and witout Lord Worm, but.. with Levasseur being the main songwriter, I felt it could have gone either way.  I saw the preorder was available, but I decided to wait until I heard a single.  Once they released Two-Pound Torch, I was sold!  Literally, I bought 3 copies of the preorder then and there.  Emetic ended up refunding me for two of them because they limited sales to 1 of the gray vinyl, but I still got one, nice, fancy, gray/silver copy and love it! 

Guns N' Roses: Use Your Illusion I Original Press 2LP

An indispuitable classic here.  I have been trying to pick up Volume 1 and 2 for a while now, but I am stubborn about the price, so I let a lot of them go. I set a $30 budget for these and this one fell right in the $15 range, so I am on target!  
Original press on double vinyl from Geffen records. This record has gone 7x platinum as well as Volume 2.

Stellar track list...
1. "Right Next Door to Hell"  

2. "Dust N' Bones"  

3. "Live and Let Die" 

4. "Don't Cry"

5. "Perfect Crime"  

6. "You Ain't the First"  

7. "Bad Obsession"  

8. "Back Off Bitch"  

9. "Double Talkin' Jive"  

10. "November Rain"  

11. "The Garden" 

12. "Garden of Eden"  

13. "Don't Damn Me"  

14. "Bad Apples"  

15. "Dead Horse"  

16. "Coma"  

Just take a look at these pictures..  We had a really good laugh

Big Business: Wild Kingdom 7" (Red Vinyl)

I was lucky enough to pick this up from Big Business when they were in town with Melvins (Lite). This is one of three different color variations from Gold Metal records. In my opinion, Big Business has been entirely consistent with they're releases and this is no exception. A pair of great songs from these guys.  It's also really nice to see that it is not on Relapse or any of the bigger labels yet, that they have a big enough following to self release this material.

Burn: Self Titled 7" on Revelation Records 1990 (Orange vinyl)

A great find locally, Burn: Self Titled from 1990 REV22. Orange vinyl, 2nd press out of 1000 copies

Reign Supreme 7" on Rock Vegas (Green vinyl)

I was lucky and found a nice copy of this Reign Supreme 7" on Rock Vegas records. I actually questioned whether or not this was the hardcore band at first, because it looks so different from anything they ever put out, ugly, pea green vinyl and all. 

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Agnostic Front: Live at CBGB's: Red, White and Blue Striped Vinyl Repress

This is one of the last Agnostic Front records that I need.  It has come up a good handful of times on eBay and I just never got it for the right price.  It seemed that it was always a little out of reach.  I figured that one day a copy would show up locally or on eBay for a good price and I could finally add it to my collection. 

Well, even better! Bridge 9 went ahead and repressed this on an amazing handful of color combinations. This one is, by far my favorite. Red, White and Blue striped vinyl along with the matching cover and the iconic red laced boots logo.  This is the best presentation I could have imagined for this release.  

Baroness: Yellow and Green Deluxe Double LP housed in Book and Standard Edition

Every Baroness record that I have had the privilege of owning has been a true work of all, all around.  The artwork is truly stellar and the incorporation of the lyric inserts and vinyl color are always perfect compliments that create a stunning package. Check out the Blue and Red records as well as the split with Unpersons.

With this release; Yellow and Green, they have gone above and beyond in every sense.  They have released a good handful of color combinations in both deluxe and standard version. The deluxe version is housed in a hardcover book format that has 45 pages inside that include artwork and lyrics. I have purchased 2 copies of the Deluxe version on pre-order, one with green and one yellow vinyl.  Also, I picked up a copy of the standard edition with green and yellow vinyl.

Deluxe Edition


The deluxe edition spines are massive! The top is the standard edition which is in a large gatefold cover

Sleep: Domesmoker Re-release on Southern Lord - Hologram on Green and Black!

Finally, Dopesmoker has finally been reprinted and by no better label than Southern Lord!  

They really did this packaging justice.  They first 2000 copies (all 1000 picture discs and the rest on green and black vinyl) with holofoil covers!  These are very heavy weight covers that are printed all around, including the inside of the sleeve.  Dual heavy vinyl on green or black and each comes with a small poster. This has been remastered again, since the Tee Pee release and it quite a different sound than I am used to for this record.  I picked up the pre-order package and got the holofoil covers, a larger poster, t shirt and a few copies of the record.

Dropkick Murphy's: Live at Fenway Park - Baseball Picture Disc

Limited to 1000 copies, this is a pretty sweet baseball themed Dropkick Murphy's 7" Live at Fenway Park with the songs Sunday Hardcore Matinee and Broken Hymns.

Candiria: Toying With Insanities Vol 2 (Red splatter and White split vinyl) Vol 3 (Yellow/full color splatter) and Kiss the Lie (Black & white swirl)

I found a seller on eBay that so happened to be selling off a few different Candiria records that I had been looking for.  Each time they sold individually, they were just a bit out of my range.  I got all 3 of these, cheaper than I expected and with shipping combined.  They are all excellent looking releases.

Toying with Insanities Volume 2 on Red splatter/white split vinyl

Toying with Insanities Volume 3 on Yellow transparent vinyl with full color splatter

Kiss the Lie on black and white splatter vinyl

Pulling Teeth: Paranoid Illusions/Delusions Hologram with Blue Vinyl - Out of 100

I stumbled across another copy of this, but on blue vinyl this time.  The copy that I have is on the red splatter and I was pretty content with it, until I found this one locally.  The design of this record still amazes me. The amount of time and energy that went into printing this will have this be one of my favorites for a long time to come. 

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Cryptopsy: Ungentle Exhumation 7" (Black vinyl)

This is the last piece I needed to complete my Cryptopsy collection! Another great re-press from War on Music.

Cryptopsy: Blasphemy Made Flesh (Brown with full color splatter vinyl) War on Music Limited Pressing

This is the War on Music pressing of Blasphemy Made Flesh.  It is on some really odd looking splatter color vinyl.  It is an off brown-ish with flecks of almost every color in the spectrum.  I am glad to have this record printed on its own and not combined in the Emetic combo package.

Cryptopsy: None So Vile (Transparent Red Vinyl) War on Music Limited Pressing

In my opinion, this is one of the best death metal releases and definitely the one that had the most impact on me. Finding the original pressing of this has proven to be a challenge and there is a repress that was easier to find, but it is was a combined package of None So Vile and Blasphemy Made Flesh, in one release.  The artwork space was shared and it just really didn't work for me.   

War on Music records re-released this a few months ago along with their first 7" and an individual pressing of Blasphemy Made Flesh. This pressing, on red, is limited to 500 copies and I think finally does justice to this masterpiece.  

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Merauder: Master Killer Final Copy - Dead Serious Press on Red Vinyl

Somehow this record because an obsession of mine and I have collected 6 different variations of the release. The newest one is the red copy of the Dead Serious release.  Also here is the white copy from Dead Serious, the original black copy on Century Media, Gray/Cola on Deathwish, Pink/Black swirl on Deathwish and the Deathwish test press! 

High on Fire: De Vermis Mysteriis Limited Edition with Blue Print and Poster(Maroon Vinyl)

Here are another couple of copies of De Vermis Mysteriis from High on Fire. These are very limited UK versions from Century Media that were printed for the Roadburn festival and were available a week prior to the release. This edition has 4 extra tracks on it comes along with a nice, fold out poster. Printed on limited 180g maroon vinyl and the cover has the logo in blue, instead of the standard pressing, which has it in red. 

The fat, blue spines fit right in next to the red ones.  The HOF section is getting pretty thick!

Snapcase: Progression Through Unlearning Original Pressing

Some old school Victory records hardcore.  This Snapcase record was actually repressed on Record Store Day, but I didn't grab a copy and it just so happened that I found the OG press at Singles Going Steady for a few dollars cheaper. 

Champion: Time Slips Away (Clear Vinyl) and Promises Kept (Green Vinyl) Pre-Order Package with huge poster

A nice Bridge 9 pre-order package for the beloved Seattle straight edge band Champion. I have the "Final" pressing of Promises Kept from their last show in Seattle.  Apparently, it was not their final press after all! 

Also, I have the 7" releases of  Count Our Numbers and Come our Swinging, which were compiled into this 12" Time Slips Away.

Time Slips Away on clear vinyl 

Promises Kept on green and in a much nicer, gatefold cover

And the pre-order package came along with a massive poster, which will look great framed!

Death Grips: Exmilitary

The first material from Death Grips that I had heard, Exmilitary totally capitvated me and remains the most unique thing I have heard in a very long time. This is the debut release from them and was self released.  It had such an impact that Epic records picked them up for a 2 record contract, both of which will be released in 2012.