Monday, August 30, 2010

Amsterdam - Independent Outlet Murphy's Law: The Party's Over

While traveling around Europe I made it a point to check out the local record shops in each major city. I found a ton of great places all over!!

This place was really cool. It was a Sunday afternoon and a lot of the shops I was looking for were closed. This place was packed and seems to be a central place for a lot of the independent kids.

They have a huge skateboard sales and repair shop along with a huge sales floor of shoes.

Downstairs is full of records, both new and used. If you are in Amsterdam and looking for records, this is one of the best places to visit.

I found a new copy of Murphy's Law: The Party's Over for really cheap. A great visual for old school NYHC. This also serves as an advertisement for their Tattoo shop in NYC, NYHC Tattoos and Piercing.

London - All Ages Records North Side Kings: Suburban Royalty

All Ages Records is absolutely awesome!! This is the epitome of an independent record store and definitely my favorite in London.

Its a very small shop full of Metal, Hardcore and Punk Rock.

When I was there, they were playing Refused: The Shape of Punk to Come. One of my favorite records!

I found a lot of stuff here that I have already, but it was a little cheaper than when I had purchased it!!

I did find a copy of North Side Kings: Suburban Royalty on white vinyl.

This is very limited and I got #57/103. I think this was a very appropriate record to get at a place like this.

London - Sister Ray Records RATM and Down: Nola

Sister Ray is located in the SOHO district in London and has an expanse selection of records. They have a ton of punk/HxC and Metal, all separated accordingly.

The prices were a little on the high side, but with the selection, you are bound to find something.

I ended up with a repress of Rage Against The Machine: Self Titled record. Its on clear vinyl with some black streaks. I am a big fan of this record and I think this vinyl is unique enough!

I also found a copy of Down: Nola. I actually came across a few used copied of this in London.

Converge: Jane Doe Repress (2 copies) & Axe to Fall

I ordered the repress of Converge: Jane Doe about 3 months ago on pre-order from Deathwish.

I just got back into town and the box was here waiting for me! They only printed 500 of these in each color, so I ordered 2 and hoped to get 2 different colors.

The original copies of this record are very hard to find and sell for a ton of money. Apparently, the represses sold out in pre-order. So, I got pretty lucky.

The packaging is very nice and the artwork is consistent on all panels. Inside is a thick booklet with lyrics and more artwork. All in all it is extremely impressive. I got a copy in white and one in red.

I had forgotten that when I ordered Jane Doe, I also purchased a copy of Axe to Fall.
This one is printed on Highlighter yellow!

Again, the artwork is amazing and together these look fantastic.