Friday, March 23, 2012

Agnostic Front: My Life, My Way (Nuclear Blast Blue Vinyl)

When I was ordering the new Meshuggah release from the distro, I found the new Agnostic Front on sale. I pre-ordered the Meshuggah, so I had to wait 3 weeks to get this AF.  It is on sweet blue vinyl and in a nice gatefold cover.  Amazingly, this is the 10th full length from AF!

Meshuggah: Koloss (Double Gatefold Vinyl Edition)

Finally, the new album from Meshuggah! I pre-ordered this a while back and have been excited for it. This record only had a couple of tracks leaked before its release and my first listen, was actually to this copy, which very rarely happens. So far it sounds excellent.. very much along the lines of newer Meshuggah albums.  This album may not have the impact that their older releases have had, but they are amazing at what they do and are undisputedly influential in their scene.

Strange that this was released on Nuclear Blast, but the distro only had black copies for sale on pre-order.  They have white and green available as well through their site, but I am content with this, for now. Excellent presentation and artwork on this.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Stratovarius: Elements Part 2 (Clear Vinyl)

For a long time it was hard for me to really appreciate symphonic power metal and over the last 4 years or so, I have been experimenting with some of the classics.  One of the first records that really stuck with me was the new Stratovarius record Elysium.  It's really hard for me to get past the cheesy vibe behind it, but once I get over it, it is some amazing music.  Very passionate, technical and extremely well composed. 
When I was picking up some other records, I came across this 2003 release that was some found overstock.  I thought it was worth it to pick it up.  It is a lot different than Elysium, but it is still very obviously Stratovarius.  I think as I go back into their discography, I will learn to appreciate these releases and how this fits into their evolution.

Circle of Dead Children: Psalm Of The Grand Destroyer (Orange and Black Splatter Vinyl)

Found this and a few other records on clearance.  These guys are challenging to listen to, to put it lightly, but are super talented grindcore.  The vinyl and packaging on this is beautiful. 

Jud Jud: No Tolerance for Instruments and The Demos

The best records and one of the main reasons for me bidding on the big lot of hardcore 7" were these Jud Jud records. 
These guys have their very own brand of of creativity and can be considered a mockery of the Straight Edge scene.  Deemed as "Too Straight Edge for Instruments" Jud Jud wrote completely lyric free a capella songs.  Clever indeed!  Complete with liner notes, "lyric sheet" and song titles such as "Speed Picking Song" and "Dive Bomb Song", these guys take the cake for originality. 

"Lyric sheet" separated by left and right channel.

Jud Jud: No Tolerance for Instruments

Assorted 1990's Hardcore 7" Mostly SxE

I picked up a sweet lot of vinyl this week on eBay.  This seller has at least $5-6k worth of vinyl he was selling and it seems that he put some of the less desirable stuff in one big lot, which I scored.  

This has Tiebreak, Brother's Keeper,  What Happens Now?, Full Speed Ahead, Rad, Pushed too Far, Common ground, Envy, Up in Arms/Eternal Youth,  CIV, Full Speed Ahead/Kill Your Idols, Good Riddance/ Ignite, Dag Nasty, Holding On and Coalition

Startweather: Into the Wire (Pink Vinyl)

I bought a copy of this record on black vinyl a while back and even though I was not very familiar with this record, it kept coming up as a "must have" for a certain type of hardcore fan.  I bought it along with some other records and gave it a shot.  I really didn't like it a whole lot, but everything I had read about it said that it was an amazingly powerful record that takes a while to digest and "get".  When I was bidding on some other hardcore records, this one came up.  Its on annoying pink vinyl (which looks cool) and I thought it would be a nice addition and something I may be able to use as a trade in the future.  I gave it another good listen and it has gotten me a bit more interested it, but still hasn't sold me.  I am going to keep it out for a couple of weeks and listen through it a few more times to see if there really is something I am missing or if its' just not up my alley.  Regardless of taste, this is a very emotionally powerful record.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Gravediggaz: 6 Feet Deep

Finally, Gravediggaz: 6 Feet Deep! Not a DJ copy with blank sleeve, not a weird censored version, but a legit, US OG press.  I must have tracked about 25 copies of this on eBay over the last year and finally got a great copy for a reasonable price. One of my favorite groups from the Wu-Tang spin offs.

A sing-along version!

Black Sheep: Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

Part of the Native Tongues with De La Soul, Tribe Called Quest and Jungle Brothers, Black Sheep fit right in.  They are unique, talented, relatively positive and funny as hell. 

I was stoked to see this used at Sonic Boom.  OG copy on Mercury records from 1991.

One of my favorite intros to a hip hop record.  It's a reflection of how silly the gangsta rap scene was at the time and how being "hard" was the only way to roll.
...slapped her in the head, stepped on her corn. Don't fuck with mine bitch, word is born. 

Merauder: Master Killer - Reaper Records Repress (Gold/Silver Split Vinyl) Limited to 100 Copies

Master Killer is one of my favorite NYHC records from this era.  This is the Reaper records repress that came out a handful of years ago, but this is the first run that was limited to 100 copies with this color scheme. I have a copy of this pressing that is on bubble gum pink with black swirl and it looks awesome!  Now, the OG press has completely different art and I am looking for that one, 

as well as the German repress which has different artwork yet again.  

This cover shows many of the band "mascots" that we all know being slayed by the master killer.  Pretty funny stuff.  Even the pumpkin from Helloween is in there!


Black Tusk: Passage Through Purgatory (Blue with Green Speckle) with Poster

This is a repress of the 2008 debut album from Black Tusk. The vinyl on this is stunning. It is a sort of teal color with a speckle finish on it.  It looks amazing in the right light. This artwork is by John Baizley who has done the art for his band, Baroness and many others. 
Pressing is limited to ~500 with half on light blue/white marble wax and half on grey with purple/black wax

Red Fang: Self Titled (Black Vinyl)

The first album from Red Fang. Pretty simple all around, printed on black vinyl with their simple logo on everything.  This was put out on Sargent House and apparently, they haven't done anything special with the pressing. It is a great album nonetheless.

Kataklysm: Shadows and Dust - Aminate Records Pressing (Clear with Smoke Vinyl) Limited to 100 Copies

Shadows and Dust is another old school classic for me.  This is the first time on vinyl and Animate records prints 100 copies of their releases on this sweet clear/smoke vinyl, all hand numbered.  Excellent presentation on this classic Death Metal record.

Immolation: Dawn of Posession - Metal Mind Productions Repress

Finally!  One of the more sought after records for me.  This last year I have been picking up Immolation vinyl and Dawn of Possession has always been too rich for my blood.  Finally, I was able to get a copy on eBay that was within my price range.  This is a repress, but it is almost an exact replica.  The only differences are that Metal Mind Productions is listed on the label and the back cover, in small print.  That and the catalog number.  I have been looking all over the internet for information on this pressing and I cannot find anything about how many were pressed.  I even emailed Metal Mind Productions and have not received a response. 

Dawn of Possession may very well be one of the most influential releases in Death Metal.  Certainty one of the most influential records in my life! 

Cathedral: The Guessing Game (Dual 180g Black Vinyl)

Little by little, I am working on the Cathedral collection. I have always loved the artwork on these.  Each one is this massively intricate theme that covers 4 sides, a poster and all labels.  This is The Guessing Game from Nuclear Blast on double black, 180g vinyl. Gatefold packaging with a ~12x24 poster included!

I bought this used, but it is in immaculate condition and the owner even thought to keep the hand numbered sticker from the shrink wrap.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

H2O: Nothing to Prove 1st Press (White Vinyl)

An instant classic!  This is the 2nd copy that I have.  My girlfriend found it used at Sonic Boom and it is solid white (1st pressing).  The other one that I have is the clear (2nd press).  

Exciting that a band like H2O released such good material after such a long break.  I love this album!

Jesu/Battle of Mice Split (Black with Faint White Splatter)

Another excellent looking release from Hydra Head records. Vinyl on this is really interesting.  It looks like it is imperfect black vinyl with the white splatter being really subtle on both sides.  I really like the concept of this being so subdued.  I bought this for the Jesu tracks and they have some great material on here, but this was my first exposure to Battle of Mice and I am very pleasantly surprised. I think its a great combination of her vocals with the depressing and drony atmosphere they create.

Ringworm: Birth is Pain (Tan Splatter Vinyl)

This is the 2001 release of Birth is Pain by Ringworm. Excellent album from these guys.  Repressed on Victory records on an interesting looking tan splatter vinyl.  Another sweet clearance item!