Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Cripple Bastards: Your Lies in Check (Black Vinyl)

My first time in Italy I met several different groups of kids who were serious Cripple Bastards fans.  Whenever I spoke with them about New York Hardcore or anything related they were completely versed.  They knew all of the bands, songs etc. It was like I was talking to them about unreachable gods.  But, the Cripple Bastards mattered even more to them.  The more time I spent there and the more I spoke with people who were invested in the music they listened to, I realized that the luxuries that we have in America do not apply in many other places.  What we take for granted is that we can put a band together, rehearse, record and then just release a record.  Anyone can do it and it's just common knowledge.  When I spoke to the Italian kids about this, the opportunities they spoke about were all much more controlled.  The opportunity to sell something, to market something and to have a tangible product was this massive undertaking that is almost completely counter to that of creative freedom.  The concept of being an up and coming band who would release records, play shows and become rock stars or even influential in your scene, was incredibly more rare than it would be here.

Enter the Cripple Bastards, an obnoxious grindcore band from Torino, Italy.  Obnoxious to the point that this record has 69 tracks on it, one of which is in 5 parts.  Not having been exposed to these guys before understanding their impact on the scene in Italy, I think my takeaway from it is a lot different than it would have been had I not been exposed to their influence.  I cannot possibly rate this against any other grindcore of its class or purely off of musicality. 

When I hear this, I hear a defiance against their social structure and a perseverance to remain relevant despite the odds.  With them having released 7 full lengths, 28 EPs and been included on countless other compilations and assorted material, I see how they have become idols for a specific scene of young and frustrated kids and I feel their music represents that and the portion of their energy that speaks to that is what makes these guys matter in a way that transcends the composition and execution of these 69 tracks.  

Gorguts: From Wisdom to Hate (Black Repress)

Standard black repress of Gorguts: From Wisdom to Hate from 2001

I am a huge fan of old school Gorguts and in my opinion, this isn't an album of the Obscura caliber, but it is still good and unquestionably Gorguts release.

Aesino: Cristo Satanico (Double Red Vinyl) with Poster

This record was on clearance as well and I have come across it many times, but never picked it up.  Since it was cheap, I thought I would give it a shot. This is their second release from 2006. Asesino is the combination of members from Brujeria, Fear Factory, Sepultura, Sadistic Intent and Static-X.  This is a pretty impressive package with dual, heavy red vinyl in a nice gatefold sleeve and a huge poster.

Red Fang: Murder the Mountains (Mauve Splatter Vinyl) in Die Cut Cover

Finally, I have picked up a copy of Murder the Mountains by Red Fang.  Actually, my girlfriend found it for me at Sonic Boom.  I ordered a copy of this and the self titled from Easy Street and am thinking about picking up the 2nd copy anyway. This comes in such an interesting color and the artwork is really cool looking and peeks through a die cut cover.  Since Red Fang is blowing up so much since this release, I don't think having 2 copies of this would hurt.  

This color scheme is the 4th pressing and is limited to 1091 copies. 

Their videos are just awesome as well! Check out these two. 

Suffocation: Self Titled (Transparent Blue Vinyl)

Suffocation's second release after their 9 year hiatus. The self titled album picks up right where they left off.  I actually found this on clearance and it was labeled as being on black vinyl, right next to the relapse Limited Color Vinyl sticker.  The transparent blue is a bonus.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

A389 #2; Harm's Way: Reality Approaches (Bubble Gum Pink Vinyl) and Isolation (Black and White Splatter Vinyl)

Two awesome records from Harm's Way here.  First is Reality Approaches on Organized Crime records.  I think the vinyl on this is pretty funny.  The music is pretty hectic and serious and the artwork is super dark and minimalist However, the vinyl on this is overly obnoxious bright pink! Shows that someone involved with this project had a sense of humor.  I love it! 

Next, is Isolation on Closed Casket.  Great, simple packaging once again and vinyl that fits the aesthetic much better and actually matches.  I can't say that I like it more than the bright pink, but its still impressive. 

 Check out how much the pattern of the vinyl varies from side to side. 

A389 Order #1- Doomriders: Black Thunder (Purple Splatter), Mother of Mercy III (Red and Black Split)

A389 had a sale on their titles as well as their distro titles and I was able to pick up a good lot of assorted records. A389 has been the place to go for new, heavy hardcore and holy terror type stuff.

Doomriders: Black Thunder
Excellent record printed on awesome purple swirl vinyl. Absolutely excellent presentation.  I always love when the coloring of the vinyl matches the cover artwork.

Another great score is the debut album III by Mother of Mercy. Apparently the artwork on here was done my E from Watain and the title is influenced by Samhain. Whats funny about this record is that it sound neither like Danzig or Black Metal.  Great looking vinyl and artwork on this. 

Friday, February 17, 2012

In Flames: A Sense of experiment

Let me start by saying that I am a huge At the Gates fan and always have been. When In Flames came out with their record The Jester Race, I thought it was good, but second rate to the At the Gates releases.  I could never listen in In Flames without hearing sub-par At the Gates.  During that time,  it seemed that everyone became huge fans of In Flames but never really caught onto the At the Gates records.  I always felt that the In Flames records sounded like dumbed down versions of ATG.  I was picking up a few records from an eBay seller and he had this one as well, for pretty cheap.  It is from 2008 so not really a fair representation of them, but worth a shot anyhow. 

Long story short.. I think I got through most of the first side before wanting to throw it into the street.  This definitely did not help revitalize any interest in In Flames.  I am going to listen through Whoracle and The Jester Race one more time and see the 10+ years since they came out have helped me be more understanding!

Definitely not my style

Mastodon: Crack the Skye (Standard Black Vinyl)

I was tracking a few records from a seller on eBay and ended up winning 3 out of like 10 that I was watching.  This was one of those situations where the watchers and bidders got excited about the number of auctions he had ending back to back and were jumping from one auction to the next and bidding.  Everything went for a bit more that usual.  However, I was able to get this Mastodon at a good price.  Mastodon has changed a lot over the last decade and I can't say I like them as much as I did back when, but they still put out solid releases, this being one of them.

Nothing special about the release... standard black vinyl with insert... but looks good!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Baroness and Unpersons: A Grey Sigh in A Flower Husk (Green Splatter Vinyl)

With every Baroness release you can almost guarantee that you will be blown away by the artwork and overall presentation.  This record is no exception whatsoever. 

The cover art spans both the front and back panel and the record labels match the theme as well.  Very detailed and colorful.  The vinyl itself is an awesome shade of green with some dark speckles and white splatter. The color of the vinyl does not really match the color scheme of the art, but it looks cool nonetheless. 

This was limited to green and purple vinyl. 500 copies of each were printed. 

The tunes on the Baroness half are awesome, but not so much for Unpersons. It just is not my style.  


Warbeast: Krush the Enemy (Transparent Green Vinyl)

Warbeast is one of my favorite throwback thrash bands. This was released on Phil Anselmo's Housecore records.  They have been available through the label, but the shipping cost on these is around $8 each, which puts the record at almost $30 and that is a bit to much for me!  

I found this one on eBay and it is on limited, transparent green vinyl and signed by the singer Bruce Corbitt.  

Get ready to thrash!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Budgie: Never Turn Your Back on a Friend

I pulled this one out of a huge stack of LPs at the thrift store!  Most of the time they are well sorted through and in rather poor shape.  This time I got lucky and had first dibbs on a fresh stack. It was mainly good classic rock, but most of the LPs were very worn and not worth picking up.  I am pretty certain this was from the same owner, but maybe he just didn't like the record because it is in excellent shape! 

Most of the tracks on this record are amazing. The opening song is Breadfan and it's follows up by the blues classic Baby Please Don't Go.  I have heard so many variations of this song over time and this one is excellent! 

Breadfan is such a heavy song for 1972. It set a lot of good things in motion and a huge influence for many bands now. 

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Donnybrook: Lions in this Game (Transparent Blue Vinyl)

I found these on discount from the distro and ordered a couple of copies, super cheap.  When they showed up, they were in plastic packs, but there were 2 per pack.  So, I ended up with 5 copies of this record.  I am not complaining.. but I have no idea what to do with all of them! 

Monday, February 6, 2012

Big Business: Here Come the Waterworks (White with Green Splatter)

Another really exciting record to finally get.  This is the original Hydra Head release that is on 180g white with the green splatter vinyl.  Excellent presentation again from Hydra Head.  Even the cover and insert are nice and heavy. There were 5 different colors, plus a picture disc printed.  

Gold 180g vinyl
Black 180g vinyl
White w/ Gold, Yellow and Green Splatter 180g vinyl
Clear Orange w/ Gold Haze 180g vinyl
Black and Gold A/B 180g vinyl

Gojira: From Mars to Sirius

I am a huge Gojira fan and was stoked to see that Listenable was going to be releasing From Mars to Sirius for the first time on vinyl.  The deal with is was that there were only 250 pressed on black or white vinyl and it is in special, gatefold packaging made of fancy pressed paper.  Now, it was a pre-order that was available through Listenable for a while and it was slated to be released in October. However, October came and went and the pre-order date showed a vague November time frame. Since it was exclusive and limited, I worried that it would sell out through them and never actually make it to any stores.  Also, because they are a French label, I would almost guarantee that if I didn't get one from the label, I would be fighting for them on eBay after it was released.  

So, the record itself was a fair $25 or so, but the shipping was actually more than the record itself. It became a dilemma all of a sudden.  Sold out soon or not, that is a lot of money for a new record.  Because shipping was not much more for a second record, I decided to pick up 2. That made the price of them, each, reasonable for me and I could sell the extra copy to recoup part of the price of the one I am keeping. 

Long story short..  I finally got my copies in late December and they are lovely!

My favorite song on this record.  Where Dragons Dwell

A deep voice is rising
From the heart of the mountain
Vibrations of the stone
I can hear in my heart

The call of instinct
The flight of the powerful
I hunger for it
It just keeps me alive

I met the dragon
In a cave by the mountain
Now I bring the evidence
The beast is alive

This ageless army
Will strike in the morning
And then a star will rise
And shine in the sky
But I grow impatient
Cannot stand the wait
And I start to dig
Within me
This tunnel to I

In this region of me
A great dragon is lying
On the wealth of a mighty world
My own world inside

I saw
I saw monsters
And I
And I started to dig within
When I
When I turn my back on them
They devour me
In this region of me
A dragon is lying there
Monsters kings
Do not scorn them
But do not fear them
Muster thy army
Dragons are the myth alive
In the heart of men

Saxon: Rock the Nations, Denim and Leather, Self Titled, Crusader and The Eagle has Landed

I had been tracking lots of Saxon on eBay for a while and finally one came through at a decent price. I scored 5 in one shot including

Rock the Nations, Denim and Leather, Self Titled, Crusader and The Eagle has Landed

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Lady Gaga: Born this Way Dual 180g 12"

Along with a "Vinyl Junkie" t shirt, my sister got me this record.  Apparently, she really likes Lady Gaga and thought it would be a great gift for me. Now.. I have this rule that no matter what, I have to listen through the records that I get.  The only exception is if I get them from the thrift store out of mere curiosity and they are miserable, then I only have to listen to half.

So.... 4 full sides of Lady Gaga on Christmas evening.  Just sitting on the floor and putting together some toys while listening to side.. after side... after side.. of Lady Gaga.  I swear I could have been sitting on the floor on Christmas night in 1984 listening to the new Madonna: Like a Virgin record.. but with less talent and just.. worse.   I cant really pinpoint a favorite or least favorite track on this because it all kinda blurred together.  Not horrible or good, but nothing terribly unique.

To my lovely sister Angela.. Thank you and I will cherish this forever..... :)

Barnes and Barnes: Fish Heads - The Most Unique Record in a Long Time

Barnes and Barnes: Fish Heads 

Since I got these records, this has been, by far, the most played one. This die cut, fish head shaped record is not just an amazing piece of art, it is chock full of some great music!  Not only does it have the classic cut Fish Heads but it has the wholesome family favorites Party in My Pants, I Had Sex on T.V. and Work the Meat.

Loud Rocks Compilation - Bizarre record .. a wannabe Judgment Night?

A very bizarre record. This is a compilation right along the lines of the Judgment Night Soundtrack.  This is full of songs that have both a "metal" and rap/hip hop artist performing on it.  There are some huge names on this and I have never heard any of these songs.  I have no idea how they got so many of the artists to appear on this. 

Track listing

    "Shame" - System of a Down & Wu-Tang Clan (2:40)
    "Make Room" - Sugar Ray & Tha Alkaholiks (3:59)
    "Hip Hop" - Static-X & Dead Prez (3:52)
    "Los Angeles Times" - Endo & Xzibit (4:05)
    "Shook Ones Part II" - Everlast & Mobb Deep (4:16)
    "Wu-Tang Clan Ain't Nothing ta Fuck Wit" - Tom Morello, Chad Smith & Wu-Tang Clan (3:52)
    "Only When I'm Drunk" - Crazy Town & Tha Alkaholiks (4:54)
    "What U See Is What U Get" - Sevendust & Xzibit (5:12)
    "How Bout Some Hardcore" - Butch Vig & M.O.P. (3:28)
    "For Heaven's Sake 2000" - Ozzy Osbourne, Tony Iommi & Wu-Tang Clan (4:55)
    "Caribbean Connection" - Shootyz Groove & Big Punisher (3:46)
    "Survival of the Fittest" - Sick of it All & Mobb Deep (3:46)
    "Still Not a Player" - Incubus & Big Punisher (4:12)

I can't say its all bad.. I am just not sold.  An interesting concept, for sure.

Sisters of Mercy: A Merciful Release

Sisters of Mercy: A Merciful Release from around 1983. It looks like it was self pressed and released.

Godflesh: Merciless Double White 7"

Godflesh: Merciless on Earache from 1994.

Awesome packaging with a gatefold cover and dual white wax 7".

Unearthly Trance: Lord Humanless Awakens / Summoning The Beast 7"

Unearthly Trance: Lord Humanless Awakens / Summoning The Beast
on Southern Lord from 2001. 

Southern Lord puts out amazing records, but I was really interested to see that this record came out over 10 years ago. To be honest, I didn't know that Southern Lord existed that long ago.

Assorted Hardcore and other 7" Starkweather/C.R./Go!/Absolution and Coalesce

Assorted 7"s from Doug including

C.R. 7" on Reservoir records out of Middle Village NY from 1995.

GO!: Your Power Means Nothing on King Fish records from 1990.

Absolution: Self Titled from 1989 on Combined Effort records on red wax

Starkweather/Season to Risk: Split on Super Model records

Coalesce: 002 on Earache from 1995

Original 1990's NYHC 7" Madball/ Murphy's Law/ District 9/ Mind Over Matter/ No Redeeming/ Sheer Terror/ E-Manon

One of the reasons that I was so interested in Doug's records was because of the NYHC stuff. I pick up whatever I can, whenever I can.  However, on the West Coast its a bit harder to find anything used. These are all extremely welcomed additions to my collection.

District 9: Schoolahardknox

In the last few years District 9 has become one of my favorite bands from the 90s NYHC scene.
They have a very limited amount of material and this is the only 7" they put out. On Striving for Togetherness Records from 1995. Released on clear, black and red vinyl.

Mind Over Matter: Self Titled
This is the 2nd copy of this that I have.  Old school hardcore from Long Island.

Murphy's Law: What Will the Neighbors Think?

From 1996 on Another Planet records in transparent green vinyl

Madball: Ball of Destruction!  

This is an original pressing on Relativity records from 1989.  In my opinion, this is one of the most important records for this resurgence of this scene. This is the first time we heard Freddie on vinyl and the evolution of Madball changed what we know of hardcore to sound like to this date. 

Check out the sticker on the outer sleeve... just classic!

and a bonus video.. cause that one was so short

This is a really strange record.  It is a comp which has a good handful of bands on it. It has no cover and just some writing on it advertising a Pitfall show at the Gas Station. Gas station is most noted for being the last show that GG Allin played, the night he od'd

This record has Pitfall on it, Eleven-11, E-Manon and the flipside has No Redeeming Social Value listed.. but it is actually crossed out and they do not actually have a song on the record. 

My favorite track on this is from E-Manon.  I hadn't heard E-Manon before. 
Old school Queens hardcore!

No Redeeming Social Value: Negative Image

Some obnoxious hardcore here on Desperate Records.  Live from 89.1 WNYU!

Sheer Terror: Live at CBGB's

Limited edition, bootleg vinyl on Blackout records from around 1989