Sunday, November 4, 2012

Cryptopsy: Self Titled on Silver Gray Vinyl - Limited to 100 Copies

Cryptopsy has always been one of my favorite bands and over the last handful of years, I have been very wary of they're new releases.  I absolutely love Once Was Not, but Undisputable King was a mockery of the band they once were.  So, when they were working on this record and witout Lord Worm, but.. with Levasseur being the main songwriter, I felt it could have gone either way.  I saw the preorder was available, but I decided to wait until I heard a single.  Once they released Two-Pound Torch, I was sold!  Literally, I bought 3 copies of the preorder then and there.  Emetic ended up refunding me for two of them because they limited sales to 1 of the gray vinyl, but I still got one, nice, fancy, gray/silver copy and love it! 

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