Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Merauder: Master Killer (OG Press and Dead Serious Press (White) plus Five Deadly Venoms (Green vinyl)

I am super excited to have finally found an OG press of Merauder: Master Killer. I found this from a Japanese seller, bundled with Five Deadly Venoms.  This kills 2 birds with one stone and I was able to get a good deal on the pair of them.

In the meanwhile, I ordered a copy of the Dead Serious repress from Germany.  The communication was rather scarce, but after a while it actually showed up.  Now, it was in a box that was way too small for the record and the record was actually squished pretty badly in the box. The cover has a lot of creases and was torn a little.  The record is ok and was not damaged.  It is a bit disappointing, but the guy over at DS said that he would send a replacement for me.  Now, I asked for red and they sent white, which is fine, but I did ask for a red replacement, which would give me both colors of this pressing.

All together now, I have these 4 presses of this record.  The OG press on Century Media, the Dead Serious press on white, the Deathwish press on brown/silver (limited to 100) and the bubble gum pink and black swirl!

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