Sunday, November 4, 2012

Suffocation: Human Waste 1990 Original Pressing on Nuclear Blast/Relapse

Suffocation has risen to be the premier brutal, old school Death Metal band and has been recently inducted into the Long Island music hall of fame.  There is no doubt that they have had an amazing amount of influence in the scene and helped develop what it is today.  Over and over, they have released amazing records, some of which will remain classics in this scene, forever.  

This is a copy of their first EP, Human Waste from back in 1990. Maybe not the most polished release from them, but a totally solid.  Excellent artwork, good enough production and great songwriting. This comes with the original insert advertisement. If only I could go back and order a few copies of those records now.  It is almost impossible to find some of those titles.  Almost all are classics.

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