Thursday, September 6, 2012

Baroness: Yellow and Green Deluxe Double LP housed in Book and Standard Edition

Every Baroness record that I have had the privilege of owning has been a true work of all, all around.  The artwork is truly stellar and the incorporation of the lyric inserts and vinyl color are always perfect compliments that create a stunning package. Check out the Blue and Red records as well as the split with Unpersons.

With this release; Yellow and Green, they have gone above and beyond in every sense.  They have released a good handful of color combinations in both deluxe and standard version. The deluxe version is housed in a hardcover book format that has 45 pages inside that include artwork and lyrics. I have purchased 2 copies of the Deluxe version on pre-order, one with green and one yellow vinyl.  Also, I picked up a copy of the standard edition with green and yellow vinyl.

Deluxe Edition


The deluxe edition spines are massive! The top is the standard edition which is in a large gatefold cover

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