Saturday, March 3, 2012

Merauder: Master Killer - Reaper Records Repress (Gold/Silver Split Vinyl) Limited to 100 Copies

Master Killer is one of my favorite NYHC records from this era.  This is the Reaper records repress that came out a handful of years ago, but this is the first run that was limited to 100 copies with this color scheme. I have a copy of this pressing that is on bubble gum pink with black swirl and it looks awesome!  Now, the OG press has completely different art and I am looking for that one, 

as well as the German repress which has different artwork yet again.  

This cover shows many of the band "mascots" that we all know being slayed by the master killer.  Pretty funny stuff.  Even the pumpkin from Helloween is in there!



  1. for the german version with the red cover artwork check
    it's the label it was released on and they have it for approx. $13 in store.

    1. hey man! thanks so much for the comment. Funny that you mention it, I actually just got a copy from DS last week. Unfortunately, it was damaged during transit, but good enough to play. It is on white vinyl and DS is going to send me a replacement in red. This will fill in those 2 pressing variations.

    2. i ordered the red one, too. i'm looking forward to read your post about it :)

  2. Man, it's not a Deathwish repress but a Reaper Records repress ;)

  3. Would you be willing to trade? I'm truly in search of this record for years. Let me know...