Saturday, March 10, 2012

Startweather: Into the Wire (Pink Vinyl)

I bought a copy of this record on black vinyl a while back and even though I was not very familiar with this record, it kept coming up as a "must have" for a certain type of hardcore fan.  I bought it along with some other records and gave it a shot.  I really didn't like it a whole lot, but everything I had read about it said that it was an amazingly powerful record that takes a while to digest and "get".  When I was bidding on some other hardcore records, this one came up.  Its on annoying pink vinyl (which looks cool) and I thought it would be a nice addition and something I may be able to use as a trade in the future.  I gave it another good listen and it has gotten me a bit more interested it, but still hasn't sold me.  I am going to keep it out for a couple of weeks and listen through it a few more times to see if there really is something I am missing or if its' just not up my alley.  Regardless of taste, this is a very emotionally powerful record.

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