Saturday, March 3, 2012

Red Fang: Self Titled (Black Vinyl)

The first album from Red Fang. Pretty simple all around, printed on black vinyl with their simple logo on everything.  This was put out on Sargent House and apparently, they haven't done anything special with the pressing. It is a great album nonetheless.


  1. Hey, I don't know if you are on this thing anymore but how would you compare this to the digital version? I listen to it on MOG streaming and love it but I also love High On Fire's album Snakes of the Divine and I thought it wasn't any better sounding on vinyl. Whadya think?

  2. Hey man.. It's always so hard to say what sounds better. In my opinion, vinyl is almost always preferable. But, it is preference and totally depends on your setup. I notice each time I swap out my record player or other component of my stereo, I go back to a couple of albums to hear how they sound. My go to record for that is Snakes of the Divine and it sounds different every time... all good (hopefully better after I bought something new)