Sunday, May 9, 2010

New REV Order. VOD/Protest the Hero/Kill Your Idols/All out War and Wisdom in Chains

I picked up a good little lot of records from Revelation mail order. Filled in a couple of old gaps.

First is Kill Your Idols: Something Started Here box set. This is 5 7" records along with a couple of stickers and a small patch. Its a really cool box set released on Get Outta Town Records. Each of the records are color/split splatter. Great presentation.

Next, Vision of Disorder: For the Bleeders. Not the best VOD release, but it has some good tracks. Got this sealed from 1999 on GoKart records.

Here is a copy of All Out War: Condemned to Suffer on Victory records. This is a real homejob with a folded cardboard cover and a one page photocopy insert. Limited to 500copies on red vinyl.

Some PAHC here Wisdom in Chains: Class War (plus 17 tales of the struggle!) on Eulogy Records from 2007.

This is a great record on transparent gold vinyl.

A bit out of place, but great nonetheless is Protest the Hero: Fortress. I have a lot of respect for these guys and am happy to have this, my first PTH record. 2008 Cobraside/Cargo Records on heavy black vinyl.

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