Monday, May 31, 2010

Another huge CL lot!! Death/Exodus/Sabbath/Metal Church/Ramones

So, I found another guy on CL with a big lot of records (+-150pcs). He said there was a smattering of Punk, Crust and Metal and mainly classic rock.

I pulled out about 40 records in total that I am going to keep and the rest will end up on eBay.

The best record that I found in this lot and one of the reasons that I bought it, is for Death: Individual Thought Patterns on Back on Black records.
This is one of my favorite Death Metal records and the presentation is excellent.

Nice, heavy gatefold and the wax is clear with red splatter!

Next, I got a few really good early Metal records including...

Guns and Roses: Appetite for Destruction.. This is a repress on 180gram vinyl and heavy cover.

Black Sabbath: Masters of Reality. I had a copy of this already, but it was pretty abused! This is much nicer looking!

Metallica: Ride the Lightning. This is a repress as well and I have the original, but its a bit heavier and should sound better than my copy from 1987.

Metal Church: The Dark. 1986 Elektra records. This is a fantastic record, even now. Some good old Seattle pride.

Next, is a interesting set of Punk/Crust records. I have not heard some of this stuff yet.

Sex/Vid: Communal Living on Dom America records.

Hirax/F.K.U. split 7": Twitch of the Thrash Nerve/Satan's Fall

Amebix: No Sanctuary on Alternative Tentacles records with bonus 7"

Despise You: West Side Horizons on Fuck Yoga records. Limited to 500 copies

Mind Eraser: Glacial Reign on Painkiller records.. clear vinyl

Void/The Faith split on Dischord records. Repress on purple vinyl

For some reason in all the lots of records that I am buying, there always seems to end up being a Kill Your Idols record.

This time its a Kill Your Idols/Poison Idea Bipolar Hardcore Split on TKO records picture disc.

Another great find in this lot is Exodus: Bonded in Blood! Original press on Torrid records from 1985!!

To round out this lot is a few old school punk rock records.

First is The Ramones: Self Titled on Sire records from 1976. I have another copy of this, but again, it is pretty thrashed and this one is much nicer!

Next are 2 Dead Kennedys records; Bedtime for Democracy and Too Drunk to Fuck! Bedtime is from 1986 on Manifesto records and Too Drunk is on Cherry Red from 1981.

Lastly, an original copy of Sex Pistols: Never Mind the Bollocks Here's the Sex Pistols from 1977 Warner Bros records.

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