Tuesday, May 11, 2010

2 Pre-orders from Relapse! Misery Index: Hiers to Thievery and Repulsion: Horrified

A great Relapse pre-order. The newest Misery Index record, Heirs to Thievery limited to 500 on colored vinyl! This is the first time I heard the material and it is most definitely a step forward for these guys!

I also picked up a copy of Repulsion: Horrified. The original presses of this record are way expensive and the repress is really nice looking. Printed on 180g heavy wax.

Somehow I had missed these guys until around 2004 when they came to the Maryland deathfest.

My buddy was stoked to see them and I had no idea whatsoever what I was in for.

These guys totally blew me away. It was as if I found a couple of fantastic Slayer records from their heyday, but better, that I just happened to overlook.

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