Sunday, May 2, 2010

Ascend: Ample Fire Within - Southern Lord

So, through some strange circumstance I have been in contact with Rex Ritter from Sunn o))).

He recommended this record to me as it is Greg Anderson who runs Southern Lord and is in many drone projects and Gentry Densley from Eagle Twin, a band that I have an amazing amount of respect for.

This is printed on dual, 180g black vinyl and in a heavy gatefold sleeve. The cover has a matte center and glossy border. All in all, another impressive presentation by Southern Lord.

I am amazed at how unique this record sounds. I do not believe that anything in music is ever "new" as it is all derivative, but once in a while the combination of influences and the thought process behind a piece of music makes it a listening experience that stimulates me in a way that I have not experienced before.

This is one of the main reasons I search so hard for music. I find these bands and records from time to time and it expands my understanding of music and pushes my limits of comprehension.

Ascend: Ample Fire Within is the epitome of what I search for, in many ways.

This record is deep, droney doom but has many interesting components.

Gentry does his patented throat singing along with some more traditional vocals and there is a lot of assorted percussion, that is pretty intense.

Also, there are several organs and synths throughout (Wurlitzer, Korg, Moog etc) and trombone.

I must say that this pushes the limit for this scene and teeters on some boundaries that are just plain strange.

A droning trombone and throat singing over a bed of deep doom with organs?

... it's an experience to be had.

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