Monday, May 2, 2011

Record Store Day No Peace/War Compilation

This is the best thing released on Record Store Day this year. Overall, it seems RSD was a bust. This year everything was sold out super early and most of the vinyl was on eBay before I woke up. It seems to defeat the original idea of RSD, but its better than not having it.. just a bit disappointing.

Enter the Organized Crime comp No Peace/War. This was limited to 135 copies on blue in the states and 185 on yellow in the EU. It was limited to 1 distributor in the states and we had to wait until Sunday for the mail order of offer them. Luckily my buddy and I were both able to get one each.

From The Hidden Archives of dar es Balat

To celebrate Record Store Day (April 16th 2011) Organized Crime Records have teamed up with some shitbird bands to bring you the No Peace/ War 7" compilation. No Peace/ War was conceived nearly 2 decades ago by Dwid Van Hellion of INTEGRITY. The compilation was to include some of his favorite western hardcore bands paying homage to some of his favorite Japanese hardcore bands. Originally it was scheduled to be one of the seminal Blood Book 7" singles. Unfortunately No Peace/ War was indefinitely shelved due to unforeseen forces. Now 17 years later the compilation will finally see the light of day. Included on No Peace/ War are exclusive tracks by INTEGRITY, GEHENNA, VVEGAS, CAPE OF BATS and ROT IN HELL each covering their favorite Japanese hardcore songs.

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