Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Mastodon: Leviathan 3rd Press on Orange Wax

Mastodon is another set of records that I am trying to put together but are becoming increasingly difficult. Since they have become so popular, the represses are selling for amazing amounts of money. There definitely is a buzz about these guys now. One of the represses of Remission that I bought from Relapse a couple of months ago is selling for almost double already.

So, with this record, I kept watching it on eBay, but it was selling for quite a lot and it was sold out on Relapse. What I did was look on Amazon and for some reason, it was selling for quite a bit cheaper. The catch is that there is no pressing info on Amazon at all and it would just be a crap shoot. Since the last pressing was all color with a short run of more limited black and the earlier pressings sell for a more, I figured it was worth a shot! So, this is the most recent pressing out of 997 copies.

Since this ended up being so exciting, I decided to pick up a couple more copies through Amazon so that I could get a better color. I really like the color, but it just does not seem to fit with the layout of the artwork. Since the value seems to be holding steady, I will pick the best color and sell the rest on eBay to break even.

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  1. did you get a different colour? i just got my tri-colour copy of the eigth press, great album!