Monday, May 30, 2011

A Collection of Records from Hot Topic Clearance Sale!

I know, I know.. Hot Topic, right? Well, my buddy sent me a link to the clearance section of the site and they happened to have tons of items for stupid cheap prices. I originally placed an order for 2x as much as I have here, but never received a confirmation and apparently it didn't go through. So, the next day, I went to place the order again, but about half of the records I wanted were gone already. Be that as it may, I ended up with 6 good pieces.

Believe it or not, I actually got 2 Back on Black releases.. Mind you, all of these were between $4 and $7, so its a steal, esp for Back on Black records.

Carpathian Forest: Fuck You All on double, heavy black vinyl and in a nice gatefold sleeve.

Same goes for Fintroll: Ur Jordens Djup. These guys are pretty funny. It was a good time listening through this one, for sure!

Next, I got 2 different The Number Twelve Looks Like You records, Mongrel and Worse Than Alone. Both are pretty good records.

This is one of my favorites of the bunch, Arsonists Get All the Girls: The Game of Life. I have always liked this record and the packaging on the vinyl is just lovely. All the way around. It is the art from Hits from the Bow along with The Game of Life and the vinyl is split to match (partially) the cover art of each piece. Just great overall presentation on an already good record.

Last and maybe least... Kataklysm's newest endeavor, Prevail. It is very nicely packaged and printed on limited "Nuclear Green" color vinyl from Nuclear Blast, gatefold cover and poster insert. Everything that should make a good record..

Tbh.. its a bit cliche for me and the record just isn't that good. I have always liked Kataklysm, but stopped listening a ways back. Since this was cheap and looked good, I figured I would try it out and that it was worth it. Ill spin it a couple times to give it another shot..but, not having high hopes.

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