Sunday, January 2, 2011

Some Unique Hardcore Records from Easy Street

It's so rare to find any hardcore records in Seattle. These must have come from the same person as they are all mainly late 90s, Straight Edge. I only picked up a couple from the collection, but they are very interesting.

Follow Through: Taking It Back on East Coast Empire/Smorgasbord records. This is some really cool East Coast hardcore from Waterbury CT, printed in 1997. The music is pretty cool, very typical of the scene at the time.... exciting to find this in Seattle, for sure!

Over My Dead Body: Rusty Medals and Broken Badges. This one I didn't know much about before getting it. It's straight edge from San Diego on Indecision records from 2001. It's a very good record overall and again rather surprising to find locally.

The last hardcore record that I picked up is Betrayed: Substance. From 2006 on Equal Vision records this was a very surprising release. It is a solid record all the way through and is unique in a way that most hardcore was not in 2006. Positive, straight forward and very enjoyable.

This was on my list for a while now and I am glad to find it local, used.

Dwarves: Blood, Guts and Pussy!!! You have to love Dwarves, they are just classic. I have this 7", with artwork from the same classic photo shoot.

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