Monday, January 3, 2011

Records for Christmas!! Slayer/Arkham/Dillinger

Who would have thought to get me records for Christmas???

I have to say that these were quite a surprise! My sister contacted a mutual friend, Doug who I bought some records from over the summer and asked which record he had in his collection that I would want the most... and then bought it for me! The sweetest idea ever!

Also, Doug gave me a copy of a 7" Born With Scars from his old band Arkham!

Both of these were complete surprises and ones that I am totally excited about. Along with these, Doug sent over a handful of old VHS tapes that we have been talking about getting converted to DVD. These are old school metal and hardcore shows from and through the 80s and 90s. I have not seen them and am very excited to work through the stack.

Another great Christmas present is Dillinger Escape Plan: Under the Running Boards from my girlfriend. Great, first pressing of this record and another check off of the wishlist!!!
Merry Christmas.

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