Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Few Assorted Hardcore Records 25 ta Life/ Pezz / Attitude

I am the eternal 25 ta Life fan.. for better or for worse (usually the latter).

I have most of the 12" that I am looking for and a good portion of the 7"s..

Friendship, Loyalty, Commitment is one of the hardcore classics no matter how you look at it. I have a copy on black and this blue one showed up on eBay and was ending without any bids. I put a bid in totally not expecting to win it and I got it as the one and only bidder.

Since I was purchasing from this seller, I figured I would try and pick up some other records and save on shipping.

Most of his stuff was ending very cheap, so I took a stab and got 2 records that I was not familiar with.

Pezz: One Last Look. Not a fan.. but tolerable.

and Attitude: We All Go Down Together. This one is a lot better. Printed on pink splatter vinyl and packaged with a big poster, this is a nice presentation. New school hardcore that is interesting enough.

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