Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Husker Du: Eight Miles High (Original black vinyl)

This is a cover of Eight Miles High, originally written by the Byrds in 1966.  This release is from 1984 on SST records. This single was released just before the classic Zen Arcade album.

Original version

Apparently this was considered an example of Raga Rock, because of it's incorporation of the sitar and Eastern musical elements. Also, the free form guitar solo was admitted to be heavily influenced by John Coltrane's playing.  A very interesting collection of styles and ideas.

Another great record from fishknuckle


  1. I never noticed that sticker in the top corner was from 84' until now. Shame it didn't last, I'm curious what the original price was. SST put out some rad shit.

  2. Ya, it is pretty amazing that this was from 1984. I was browsing on Revelation records the other day and they are still selling this 7"!