Sunday, January 20, 2013

Crom: The Cocaine Wars 1974 - 1989 (Orange vinyl)

Out of all the records I purchased from fishknuckle, this was the most exciting and surprising.  I had heard from Crom, but never actually sat down to listen to them before. I picked this up really cheap and even he was amazed that I got such a good deal on it.  I literally put it on when doing some work and had to sit and focus on the entire record.  This is an absolute gem.  This record is all over the place, mixing genres that should not be mixed and completely laden with samples that I am sure they have no rights to.  Just hilarious from start to finish and still, it had some decent music in there. On side B, there is a track that ends with a wind sample and it just goes on and on and on.  It must last 4 minutes or so..

Here is a great example of Crom, at their finest.

Now, maybe I am crazy.. but it sounds very much like this...


  1. what an awesome cover!!! a girl-conan... can it get better than this? :-)

  2. Right? well.. the back cover was just as good. It's a barbarian snorting coke off of a knife blade!

  3. you're right, it can get better. this drug-addicted barbarian tops it off ;-)