Saturday, January 5, 2013

Big Business: Mind the Drift (Black Vinyl)

This is the last Big Business record I need for my collection.  I found it from a distro in their "collectibles" section. Even though it is out of print from Hydra Head, they had a copy left over from the distro. It was a little more than it would have been originally, but still a little cheaper than eBay. However, HH printed a cream colored version as well as a split pea soup with carrot vinyl.  I figured it was safe to pick up a black copy and keep an eye out for the variants and grab them as they come up. 

The artwork on this is really interesting.  The inside of the gatefold is a collection of postcards they made with fictional locations.  The entire theme is as you would expect for Big Business...bizarre. One of the gimmicks for the preorder of this was the vinyl along with a collectors plate and stand to keep in your kitchen.

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