Saturday, January 5, 2013

G.B.H.: Charged Original 7"

Strange story on this one. I would walk my dog down the block every day passed this Saab that had been sitting in a carport forever.  Finally, I saw the guy sitting outside of his house, smoking and I thought to ask him about the car.  Long story short, he was moving and had lost his licence a while back and the car had been sitting.  So, I worked out a deal with him and bought the car with my girlfriend.  Now, when we were in his mostly vacant house filling out the paperwork, I spotted a small stack of 7" records and asked him about them.  There were a couple of classic rock, 2 Bauhaus and this G.B.H. record.  I asked him what he was doing with them and he said he was just going to pitch them in the trash.  Said that if I wanted them, I had to take them all.  So, in the end we made out with the car and this great 7" along with a few other fun ones!  You never know where you will find cool records, I guess. 

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