Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wisdom in Chains: Self Titled (Orange sherbert vinyl)

Wisdom in Chains has been slowly becoming one of my favorite current hardcore bands. I think they are pretty genuine and unique and they don't front with much tough guy shit.  They write songs about growing up, about being on tour.. even about their dogs.  Just everyday guys who are expressing themselves through hardcore.  Ghost of Buddy is a perfect example.

*around the 2:15 mark, the dog is playing tug with a Pocono Ghost 7"!  :(

This self titled record is some original material that they recorded a long time ado and with a different lineup.  It is a much more raw than the current material they release, but it still has the same energy and is unmistakeably WIC.

This is printed on some obnoxious orange sherbert looking vinyl, limited to 500 copies.  Rather than the sleeve being numbered, it came with a legal envelope, stamped with PAHC (Pennsylvania Hardcore) that has a label sticker and a little description of the history behind this record, which is numbered.

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